Happy New Year!

May God bless you in abundance this New Year 2007. It’s now getting quite tough to take care of 270+ adopted ministers, and to make sure that there are enough funds for them every month. So I am constantly praying for blessings for all the sponsors like you. I know God will continue to bless … Read more

The “Tumanod”

Do you believe that angels could show themselves to humans to deliver messages? I received this story from Marlon Manlapao, a missionary to the Manobos, a mountain tribe of Mindanao. Marlon tells his story: The sky was gloomy on that rainy and chilly 18th night of September 2002 when my family sat down for a … Read more

Baptism in Thailand

By Pastor Alejandro Cardiente, Filipino minister in Thailand: The Mien camping is over. Campers exchanged farewells. I have many things to thank God. First, for the successful Mien camping 2006. Second, the baptism which resulted to 5 precious souls. Third, no one got sick of the extreme cold weather. It was a very stressful but … Read more

The Faith of a Buddhist Mother

Very early one morning I received bad news that my neighbor’s only son (Noykin) was in the hospital. Although they are not Christians (but spirit’s worshipers), I felt really bad so I asked the brethren who brought the news to join me in prayer. I asked God for a miracle for the boy and to … Read more

“I will kill that Maestro!”

An epidemic of German measles struck the village. We were not able to save two of the babies. My heart ached as I watched the parents weep over the loss of their precious youngones. But there were other babies to attend to. The houses in the village were scattered some distance apart, making it impossible … Read more

The Bomb and the All-Knowing Timer

“Says the Lord,’ I will rescue him, I will protect him, for he acknowledge My name.’” Psalm 91: 14 The sun had just set and the surroundings had darkened. It was a Monday afternoon and I had just left the house of a paralyzed patient whom I had been caring for for several months. Hunger … Read more

A long way from home….

The first batch of adopted ministers of Southern Mindanao Mission traveled by plane from General Santos City to Manila, then by boat to Romblon. The plane ride and the trip to Manila was a first for most of them. The group included: Romulo Tuballes, Elmer Romano, Carlito Arguisa, Nilson Peroy, Peter Talledo, Marlon Antonio, Michael … Read more

Adopt a Minister March 2006

Sharing Jesus in a Buddhist country “Ma’am, please send more ministers to Thailand,” wrote Alejandro Cardiente, a Filipino Theology graduate under Adopt a Minister International who now works in Thailand. “The Mien and the Thai people need to hear about Jesus or they’ll just die without knowing the plan of Redemption.” adopt a minister Immediately, … Read more

Adopt A Minister Nov 2005

I am Herminio Q. Depon, an AB Theology graduate last March 2005 of South Philippine Adventist College. At the present time, I am assisting the Revelation Seminar held at Paitan SDA church and conducted by Pastor Rene Quinto with Pastors:.Romano, Erguiza, and Carresosa. Upon knowing about your kindness in helping us, newly graduated ministerial students, … Read more

Adopt a Minister December 2005

Good day… I hope that you are in good health. As for me, I am still enjoying the gift of God’s ministry. Our work here my district is still on fire in spite of economic, and spiritual crisis. The association planned for a Revelation Seminar. The main target of the said seminar is to reach … Read more