Ministers Motorcycle

Tools for Evangelism

By Joe Knapp , Philippines

In a land where there is very good public transportation, why would a minister need a motorcycle?

Because the public (actually private) transportation system works on a schedule. If you fit that schedule great. But the bible workers job does not fit that schedule. Often the best time to visit people is early morning or after dinner. This is outside the schedule.

These motorcycles (called scooters in USA) are very popular. I estimate they outnumber cars and trucks by a factor of 8 to 1. Why? Fuel consumption.

Gasoline here is around $4.30 per US gallon. This is extremely expensive in a poor country.

The best value in my opinion is the Honda XRM or the Honda Wave 125.

They get about 100-120 mpg. The Honda brand is a top quality and they last many years.







Honda XRM 63,000 PHP or $1,400 USD (April-2010)

Honda Wave 125 65,000 PHP or $1,440 USD (April-2010).

You can purchase a whole or just contribute to part of a motorcycle.