Baptisms – April 2010

Rwanda Baptism Report

by Pastor Obed Byringero (adopted minister)

Adventist baptism Rwanda

This quarter I had two baptisms. The first time I baptized 4 personnes and last Sabbath 13 personnes were baptized – a total of 17 in this quarter. I know that God was with us in the crusade as you can see in the pictures.

Please continue to pray for us and the work. I used the digital camera you sent to me to take these pictures. God bless you as you are thinking of this work here in Rwanda. I have been out of town during the past month. I trained 51 church leaders during a Leadership Seminar. This is costly for me because I have to find food and resolve some problems.

You know my area is in the village and I cannot find Internet easily. Please pray for me and continue to send to me some advice about evangelism.

Laos Baptisms

by Pastor Xadoua Lee Vanxaypaseuth (adopted minister)

Adventist baptism Laos

This family in my Village in Laos had just become Christians. In our village there are magicians who can make somebody sick because the bad spirit will go to that person. This is what happened to this woman. She became sick and went to the hospital but the doctor cannot find anything wrong. The doctor told her to go home. I went to visit her and her husband and told them about Jesus. Then she was feeling well. I gave Bible study to them and they accepted Jesus. After that they were baptized. Now they don’t want to go back to their home because it is not easy for them to worship there so they are staying in my house.

Please pray for the people in Laos, especially pray for our government officials that they will open the way for us to preach the Gospel of Salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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