Father Guillermo is a very intelligent man. He holds 6 degrees, one of them is Bachelor of law. During his studies, he received 78 awards (all gold medals) and many trophies. He was also the winner in every school debate in the entire Philippines. Then he went to the seminary to become a priest. Years … Read more

Unemployed ministerial graduates

During the past months, I’d been waking up to dozens of e-mails from unemployed ministerial graduates in the Philippines. The first few adopted ministers of the Adopt a Minister Program couldn’t contain their joy; they called their fellow ministerial graduates and shared with them my e-mail address. E-mails of applications started pouring in. Around a … Read more

Adopt a Minister’s (adopted ministers) List **not all the adopted ministers are on this list…

ABARING, HERNAN P. Encarnacion, Lener Narciso, Edwin Abella, Jezreel Enerio, Jeramel Nicolasora, Adrian Abiud, Andrew ENGAÑO, LUKE Niere, Cradioniell Agrade, Hanzel Esconde,Jimrel Nietes, Denver S. Agustino , Eldy Esmino, Sam Nobleza, Prince Ahdon Alabata, Rafhnold Espinosa, Marcelino Nombre, Jonathan Alcanzare, Rolando B. Estanol , Peter Notarion, Fortunato Jr Alferes, Rommel Estrera, Roy Obejero, Nemrod Alferez, James … Read more