Laos Baptisms – January 2010

by Pastor Xadoua Lee Vanxaypaseuth (adopted minister)

This is the story of the first person who became SDA in a village in Laos.

In 2006 there was a young man named Tong Thor. He came to me and I gave him Bible study. After that he accepted Christ as his personal Savior. Today Tong Thor is taking theology in Mountain View College in the Philippines. Then in 2007, two people and 3 families became SDAs. In 2008 one family also accepted Jesus Christ. All these people never heard about Jesus before. Only the family who became SDA in 2009. They knew Jesus in the year 1995 but they didn’t know that the seventh day of the week is the Sabbath so when I visited them and they studied the Bible, now they know the truth and were baptized.

But the problem is nobody goes to visit them and tell them more about the Bible. I want to go but their place is a little far and there is no money for bus fare. Then I wrote to Adopt a Minister International. Thank you for your support, I was able to visit and found many more people that wanted Bible study and we baptized many of them.

Many more studied the Bible and accepted Jesus Christ. We have many more baptisms after that. Here are 5 different baptism pictures. Thank you for the money you send regularly. I am able to visit the people and many want to know about Jesus and His Plan of Salvation. Please pray for our people.

Our people are dying and they do not know Jesus.

I know God has a big plan for them also to go to heaven.

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