Baptisms in August 2021

Philippine Baptisms for August 2021 This is the lowest number of baptisms that I have received in the 21 years of Adopt a Minister. Before the pandemic, the yearly baptisms in the Philippines totaled to over 50,000. The baptisms are a combined effort of adopted ministers, employed ministers and the local brethren. Here I wish … Read more


912 BAPTISMS for September 2021 in the Philippines Adopt a Minister International – “Send Labourers into the Harvest” A “fruitful harvest” despite heightened restrictions and health protocols due to Covid-19. To GOD be the GLORY! We praise Him, for even amid the many restrictions, the gospel is being preached and many are accepting Jesus. These … Read more


Adopt a Minister International – “Send Labourers into the Harvest” 909 BAPTISMS were reported last October 2021 To God be the glory! The “good news” of Salvation is being shared and many are accepting Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. Thanks so much to the adopted ministers, brethren and mission officers for your faithful … Read more

My Second Coming Dream

My dream last December 14… In the dream I saw hundreds of people in 2 huge rooms under one building. The rooms were overflowing and many were standing up because of no room. All I could tell, they were soooo excited because something was going to happen and very, very soon. I could tell from … Read more

889 Precious Souls were BAPTIZED last December 2021

Typhoon Rai (called Typhoon Odette in the Philippines): Typhoon Odette created havoc in the Philippines on December 16, 2021. Thousands of houses (huts) were destroyed. People have no drinking water, electricity and basic needs. Many are living in tents at this time. Here are the destroyed houses of 8 adopted ministers. These are just the … Read more

“Only God Gets the Glory”

“Only God Gets the Glory” by Reva Moore (Note: This is the stained glass picture inside the Batiano SDA Church.) It’s normal for anyone who does good deeds to get the accolades, the praise, and the glory. We see this all the time. In fact, what drives most people to do great deeds are reasons … Read more

1,496 BAPTISMS for Jan-Feb 2021

1,496 BAPTISMS for Jan-Feb 2021 This number should be higher because not all the missions have sent their reports. God’s work in the Philippines continues even with the strict government rules of wearing masks, social distancing and limited capacity inside churches. If caught, the person may have to pay a fine and can be put … Read more

2,700 Baptism

2,700 Baptisms in 2020 – Result of an adopted minister’s work up in the Mountains UPDATE of Pastor Nehlu Torres’ work with the Subanen Tribes people. The road up to the mountains is rugged and muddy during rainy season, which is several months of the year in the Philippines. But the 93-mile distance does not … Read more

2020 Christmas Gift-giving

2020 Christmas Gift-giving…. Three non-SDA friends sent us funds for Christmas Gift-giving to hundreds of impoverished children in 4 areas in the Philippines. They saw the pictures of the children that the adopted ministers had sent to me. Around 600 children received flip flops, food and toys. Dozens of prisoners also received presents in 2 … Read more