Warm greetings from Thailand – August 2009

By Alejandro Cardiente

Pastor Brian Wilson, an ordained pastor from Adventist church in Thailand Chiang Rai spent his weekend with our Mien members in Pangkhon church. Pastor Brian conducted a weekend spiritual revival while reviewing the baptismal vows with our four baptismal candidates.

The baptismal candidates went through a lot of struggle because Satan was working very hard to stop their baptism plans.

I was expecting 4 baptismal candidates, which later became 3 and as the Bible study became deeper, it became 2. Then when the final day arrived (Sabbath, August 8) to confirm their decisions, it turned out that only 1 was ready to accept Jesus in baptism.

We have been calling the other one since Friday but her phone seemed off.

Satan is working very hard and so I was not surprised. Out of love, we have been trying to do the best we can as the Holy Spirit impressed us to do (but no forcing)…but somehow others refused to listen to the Holy Spirit’s voice. So, only one very precious soul accepted Jesus this Sabbath.

We praised the Lord for what He has done. I can’t hold my tears (tears of joy) seeing this precious soul being baptized.

Many thanks for your support. Whatever outreach success God has given us here, you are part of it. Outreach here couldn’t be easier without you to stand by our side.

God bless your heart…..To God be the glory….Please help us pray that others will also finally decide to accept Jesus.

Chang Rai in Thailand were evangelism was held. map where Thailand is located. [Evangelism is very difficult in the non Christian countries]

Result of a Happy Marriage Seminar – Philippines

By Edward ValendezHappy Marriage Seminar results to 166 souls baptized.

On August 8, 2009 at Pantukan, Conval Province, we held a “Happy Marriage” Seminar ” in Tagum City. We (adopted ministers) did groundwork for 3 months prior to the seminar. The Holy Spirit was with us and 166 precious souls were baptized.

We thank God for the successful seminar and we thank all the sponsors of AAMI for your continued support through funds and prayers.

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