Onward Christian Soldiers – March 2010

By Pastor Seth Magas – adopted minister of Central Luzon Conference

A wonderful start to being a soldier…….May the love and blessings of God be always upon us. I am very happy to inform you that the crusade for the rangers in Camp Tecson was really blessed and guided by God.

Although we started with 2 nights in a blackout, it was successfully held and finished. Last night, 40 rangers and 1 civilian decided to accept Jesus. Today, they had their baptism in one of the rivers here 150 meters away from the camp. On Friday, January 22, 2010, twenty eight of them are going to be sent on their first time assignment as soldiers.

They said that they are very happy that before going away, they heard the good news about God. There are some more interests who are planning to be baptized in March. They need more Bible study before baptism.

I hope and pray that He will guide these new believers wherever they go, so that whatever trials they may have, they will cling to God’s promises. Please pray for them. Thank you so much for you loving support of this ministry. Gob bless you and your family.

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