518 Precious Souls Accepted Jesus Christ – March 2009

By Joel Hubero & Edilberto Tangayan (adopted ministers of SMM)

From February 2009 to March 2009, fifteen adopted ministers and twenty laymen did the groundwork of a crusade. We have just finished our work in the remote town of Columbio and then we rushed into the heart of General Santos City in Southern Mindanao.

What we did in Columbio, we also did in General Santos. Before the main crusade, we had our satellite meetings in many places of the city. But the people in the city are quite different from the people in the remote town. It is difficult to share with them about God’s word since they are exposed to different denominations and much more, into worldly activities. They are always busy because life in the city is always on the go. Even though this is the situation here, we went on with our work, not discouraged because we believe that God is able to touch the hearts of the people.

This crusade was conducted by Tim Saxton of Missouri, U.S.A, a church elder, together with his 3 companions. Mr. Tim Saxton delivered the message every night. It was a 14-night series of lectures and last Saturday, March 28, ’09, the crusade ended with 518 souls were baptized. A big AMEN for this.

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