396 Precious Souls Baptized in Columbio – February 2009

By Pastor Elmer Romano

I visited Columbio back in October 2006. There were no Adventists there at that time and it was my first time to see the place. I went to see the Municipal Mayor to tell him about my purpose of going there.

Today I praise the Lord for the miracles He has given us. Words are not enough to thank Him. We built a beautiful church through donations from “Adopt a Minister” donors. The people of Columbio are friendly and very supportive of our ministry.

And my co-adopted ministers of Adopt -A- Minister International came to help bring the gospel to the people.

Missionaries of Adopt a Minister and the Sponsors.In Columbio, there are people who belong to the New People’s Army (NPA – a rebel group that is against the Philippine government).

During the first visit of one adopted minister (Pastor Peter Talledo), seven men surrounded and investigated him regarding his purpose of going there. Pastor Talledo was very afraid.

Many horrible thoughts came to him. What if they detain and harm me and I couldn’t go back home anymore? Pastor Talledo thought.

Baptisms in the place of many rebel group.

He started praying to the Lord, confessing all his sins from his youth up to the present time. God came to his rescue. The men understood him. He gave them Bible studies everyday and taught them songs.

We had a grand fellowship in Columbio Central Church one Sabbath and we had over 300 people who attended this first fellowship. Everybody was happy to be there.

We asked for donations and prepared food for everyone. Our new brethren from the mountain walked 17 kilometers that Sabbath to the church to attend worship and fellowship.

We held a crusade with members of Adopt a Minister helping do ground work.

On February 7, 2009, we baptized 396 precious souls! Of this big number were two Baptist ministers and their congregation and also a top government official. And so we praise our Heavenly Father!Missionaries of the Adopted Ministers.

Today we are ready to conduct many more crusades in the nearby barangays, With God’s blessings, we plan to build more churches for our new converts. We are praying for donations for church building. We are so blessed to have a part is sharing Jesus to the people.

We thank all of those who gave their support to this work through their prayers and finances. And may God always bless you in every way. What a wonderful day that will be when we all will live with Jesus in heaven together with family and friends and those whom we labored for. Hallelujah!

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