Escaping Death

Reva Lachica Moore A red-spotted salamander called the “newt” slowly crawled out from under a rock to look for food. Snails and slugs coming out of slimy vegetation were its target. But a few feet away, another hungry and voracious eater was also making its rounds. The frog with its sticky, retractile tongue was catching … Read more

A Changed Man, a Changed Village

Reva Lachica Moore Dao, one of the many villages of the indigenous tribes in the mountains of Mindanao had become a Christian village. Ninety percent of the people there had been baptized into the SDA church. The Dao people have considered the SULADS, a missionary group, as the BIG LIGHT that had brightened their way … Read more

A Heavenly Rescue

Life is full of annoyances and sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want them to. But if you always have a prayerful heart, you’d be amazed at how God can work out even the most insignificant problem in your life. I’ve heard stories about heavenly rescues in all kinds of ways. Some … Read more

The Ugliest Christmas Tree

Reva Lachica Moore The Christmas tree is one of the most popular and cherished Christmas customs in the United States as well as in other countries. Each year, 35-40 million live trees are purchased and decorated in the United States alone. And several millions of artificial trees are sold as well. But what is the … Read more