A “Scooter” Christmas

Reva Moore Almost every teen looks forward to getting his driver’s license and owning his first car – whether new or old. A male teen especially, would wish for a brand new sports car. A Mustang perhaps? Maybe a Porsche? How about a Jag? A Corvette is it! You’d hear most teens make their wishes … Read more

A Miraculous Escape from Death

by Allan Carolino Is anyone safe anymore? Once in a while I receive many stories of survival, which are worth sharing. Here is the second of two stories sent by ministers from the Philippines. A Miraculous Escape from Death – by Allan Carolino I was part of the group who did groundwork for Dr. Dan … Read more

The Lord is my Refuge

Often we hear in the news that murder is on the rise in this city, in that city, in this part of the world, in that part of the world, and many are worried the situation is only going to get worse. These gruesome attacks are happening everywhere, even in our own neighborhoods, even in … Read more

Abandoned But Not Forsaken

Reva Lachica Moore We’ve heard of babies left on doorsteps. We’ve heard of babies left in dumpsters. Here is a heart-wrenching story of a little boy whose mother had little option but to give him up. Dorel Padilla tells his story.. Shaking and scared I cried, “Inde ko gusto mag-upod sa ila!” (I don’t want … Read more

To Survive is to Live with the Dead

When my friend, Father Max from Cebu, Philippines e-mailed to say: Reva, do you know that there are people who live in cemeteries? I was horrified. I’ve never heard of them, so I asked Fr. Max to write about them. The following is his write up. An Article written by Fr. Max Abalos, SVD: The … Read more

The Secret to His Success

Reva Lachica Moore We sat on a couch in the lobby waiting to see a very important man-the owner of a billion dollar ompany. On opposite walls hung oil paintings of this man, his brother and his parents. Every few minutes, someone would pass through the lobby and we all wondered if he could be … Read more

Not so Typical

e receive many emails from Theology students who are asking for financial help. Often, I just send replies, and when there’s extra money, I send the college a small amount to help them. But not often. Then a nicely-written email comes and as I read it, I feel a “prick” in my heart, and the … Read more

Pour Out

Pastor Sam Ursales tells his story…. 2005 was a year of great lesson for me. My wife and I were both working for the government. We had been married for two years and we had our first child. We had a farm, which gave us a very abundant harvest, so life was good. Since I … Read more

A Blessing

Reva Lachica Moore “There’s just no way I can give ten percent of my money to the church, Mama,” Adam protested. “But the Bible says the ten percent of our earnings belongs to God, and not to us. And the tithe is holy to the Lord.” I was giving my sixteen-year-old his first lesson on … Read more

More Angel Stories

Taught by an angel… The people arrived at the beach in trucks, buses, jeeps, and motorcycles for the mass baptism following evangelistic crusades in the Philippines. After a worship service on the beach, 30 ministers stood in the rashing waves of the Pacific Ocean and baptized nearly 1,000 people. After the service, a man gave … Read more