”Two Dreams and an Illness” by Reva Lachica Moore

I had a “near death” experience even though I did not have a cardiac arrest and did not go into a coma. I did not see the pearly gate or stairway to heaven, or sensed the peace and harmony that many who had NDEs have. Rather, the very scary incident changed me to be more appreciative of our Amazing Creator and Heavenly Father God.

Today, I look at the cars that I see on the interstate or in parking lots, the gadgets that I use in our house, the beauty of nature, etc – in silent wonderment. I’m like a new kid who is seeing all of these things for the first time. I am in total awe at how grand God really is! He gave man so much intelligence and provided the raw materials for everything that we have today so man can also create things in amazing number and volumes. I am more intrigued at nature, at the vastness of God’s provision for the whole world, the technology of today that’s so incredible and mind blowing. And then I’d think about the little baby born in that lowly manger, who grew up and was crucified on the cross in the most simple yet horrible and humiliating way. Why not crucify Him using modern technology for the whole world to see? It doesn’t seem to add up. But it does! Indeed, we have a very amazing, loving and forgiving Father God!

MY Dream on August 1, 2023:
In my dream, I saw two very angry women looking for my brother Nonoy Romulo, but because they couldn’t find him (my brother passed away a year ago), the women decided to kill me instead. They had iron mallets and they swung the mallets at me. I tried to hold them back, but I was too weak so I cried, “Jesus, please help me!” Suddenly, a very strong hand pushed the mallets backwards toward the women. The invisible arm of Jesus had stopped them! After several tries, the women retreated to a corner and said, “We know Jesus, too.” Then I asked, “But why do you want to kill me if you know Jesus?” They said they were mad, but realized that Jesus had blocked their blows.

October 17, 2023
I have been sick in my stomach for over two weeks because of something I ate. My electrolytes went so low after several bouts of diarrhea. Everyday, I had gas buildup in my belly that made me nauseous. I went to urgent care two times, then to a naturopathic doctor, to the G.I. clinic, and then to my PCP. My husband JR and Mary Grace here at home didn’t understand what was going on with me. All I can remember is my crying because I felt so horrible. I couldn’t let them understand how I really felt and so I told God, “It’s OK if You want that I rest. I can no longer take this life. I totally surrender all.”

My Dream on January 17, 2024.
I woke up from a dream and decided to type it in my email draft on IPad. (I usually write down my dreams in my Dream notebook. OR just tell JR and Mary Grace the following morning. I’m too lazy to write in my notebook now.

In the dream, Mary Grace and I were surrounded by BAD men. They meant to kill us. When they got close, as if they couldn’t touch us. Instead, as if an unseen hand would divert the weapons back to them and the bad men were the ones hurt. One had a toxic shaver blade that he swung at us, but instead, the shaver went back to the man; it shaved his hair. The bad men couldn’t get close to us.

The dream continued….Some GOOD people came to rescue us. Later, a report was being told about the incident but someone asked, “How come they did not mention the 18 women who were also there?” Then I realized those 18 women must be angels who surrounded us, but we couldn’t see them.

It was last January 2024 when I felt I was dying, but Jesus healed me. He knew all along what was going on with me, and as if he was saying, “Just hang on. I am here for you.”

NOTE: in my dream last January 17, Mary Grace was with me, which I feel we both were going to be attacked by the enemy in real life. Last April 2024, Mary Grace was in a car wreck when she was out of town to give a concert. The man who drove her to the airport has a fractured sternum and Mary Grace has bruises on her belly, but she is OK.

I prayed that I will not remember the details of my horrifying experience. But my chiropractor and the Uber driver told me weeks later that I was very sick and could hardly walk, which I don’t remember.

CONFIRMATIONS while I was sick:
I had several confirmations while I was sick as if Jesus was telling me, “I want you to know I am in total charge. Just hang on.”

Here are the confirmations:

2 Williams (Donald Willams and Sue Williams – our two sponsors named Williams). Thry don’t know each other, but they called and prayed for me on the phone.

2 Sues (Sue Williams and Sue Hornsby) sent me emails on the same day after they read my November newsletter.

2 MOOREs (While Mary Grace was waiting for Walgreens pharmacy to open, there was a woman customer ahead of her. The Walgreen’s pharmacy tech called, “Moore.” The woman ahead of Mary Grace was also a Moore. What are the odds?)

2 Larrys (I heard from Pastor Larry Navarro and Dr. Larry Gayao on the same day).

2 Lories (Lorie Fadriquela) and (Lorie Harmon)

2 Marys (Mary Grace and Mary – the Filipino Uber driver who drove me to Urgent Care. JR was also sick and couldn’t take me.)

2 Tammys (taxi driver came inside and prayed for me). Tammy Wagway (former adopted minister) whom I’ve not heard from him in a long time, sent me a message.

2 Willys (Atty Willy Sumagaysay) and (Willy Paguntalan). Willy Paguntalan has a son whose one eye was surgically removed. I heard from two Willys on same day.

2 Annies (Annie Laroya). I felt impressed to call Annie Laroya (a woman minister and my sister Sally’s classmate. Annie prayed on phone for me). The other is Annie, Kellie’s sister.

2 Edwins (Edwin Wallace, Edwin Walker). The late Dr. Edwin Walker is my pcp for many years.

Ma’am Phebe Fallar sent me a recorded prayer and I heard the rooster crow 3 times.

While I prayed with Lorie Fadriquela on the phone, the rooster crowed 18 times.

Colors and numbers. I took pics of colors (same colors) and number 11:11.

Two Alizas (Lorie Fadriquela’s Aliza – a one handed girl like Mary Grace) and Aliza – Kaitlyn’s bandmate.

Two Cinammons (Sponsor: Cinnamon Williams and Cinnamon medication to lower my A1C)

I am healed today after many prayers of those who heard that I was sick. I am truly grateful to all. I continue to totally surrender all to Jesus daily and give Him my love and praise. We have a very amazing Heavenly Father, Best Friend, Divine Physician, Protector, Provider and Savior, Jesus Christ and I tell Him every day, “I love You so much, Jesus. Thank You for dying on the cross for me. I have chosen You so I belong to You and please let my life be of service to give honor and glory to Your name.”

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Acts 2:17 “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.”