Going Back to Jesus Saved his Life

By Benconrado Maputi – adopted minister in Southern Mindanao Mission Guznah Buan, his wife and four children accepted Jesus as their personal Savior through baptism when Elder Tucker held an evangelistic effort in General Santos City in 1990. From1990 to 1996, this family was faithful in serving God. Each Sabbath they attended and participated in … Read more

My life before I found Jesus

By Leopold Balidiong – adopted minister (Negros Occidental Conference) One mid-summer night in 1982, a baby boy was born in a small barrio in Guimaras, the so-called “mango” capital of the Philippines. He was the eighth of eleven children of Leonila and Florencio Balidiong. He grew up in a non-Adventist home and a non-Adventist community. … Read more

Over 1000 Baptized in One Day

The day of 07/07/07 is of great importance to many people all over the world. Many sealed marriage relationships, business ventures, etc. In General Santos City in the Philippines, over a thousand people sealed their relationship with Jesus Christ through baptism. Three months prior to this grand event, ministers and brethren from dozens of churches … Read more


Jezreel “Reva, come and see this boy!” my husband, J.R., said with much concern in his voice. I turned around and saw a group of young people outside the church (in Mindanao, Philippines) but did not know which one J.R. was talking about. “Which boy? What about him?” “Right there. The one standing on the … Read more

Our trip to the Philippines 2007

A very nice WELCOME My three sisters and I (with our husbands) left for the Philippines on March 26. At the NAIA airport, Pastor Reuben Villanueva came to meet us. But it wasn’t just Pastor Reuben who came. Pastors: Erwin Mamhot, and Jared Teves, two adopted ministers from Tawi-tawi came with Pastor Reuben. Pastors: Jared … Read more