The Lord is my Refuge

Often we hear in the news that murder is on the rise in this city, in that city, in this part of the world, in that part of the world, and many are worried the situation is only going to get worse. These gruesome attacks are happening everywhere, even in our own neighborhoods, even in the Philippines where I came from.

Here in Louisiana, in the city where I live, the crime rate is up compared to the past years. Is anyone safe anymore?

Once in a while I receive many stories of survival, which are worth sharing. Here is a story sent by minister from the Philippines.

Almost Murdered – by Emmanuel Juegos

Around 9:00 o’clock yesterday evening, as I passed a dark area in Naga on my way home on my motorcycle, after giving a Bible study in a couple’s home, three men approached and tried to block my path. Immediately I put on my brakes. I had no idea that the men were armed with guns and knives. Pointing a gun on my head, one of them ordered me to get down. Then I was pushed down to the ground. Realizing I was in a lot of trouble, I didn’t resist. With my heart pounding heavily and my mind racing, I closed my eyes and whispered, “Lord, please help me! Don’t let these evil men triumph in their might. Save my life, oh Lord!”

One of the men took my wallet and pressed his knife on the back of my neck until it bled. Terrified, I begged him to take the knife away, but he didn’t. One of the men pressed another knife on my side. Again, I prayed, “Lord, please hear me. I urgently need you! Stop these men!”

They took my cell phone and bag that contained my Bible and 2 books: “Ang Dakong Away,” a Cebuan version of the The Great Controversy, and “The Book that could not be Destroyed.” They also took the key of my motorcycle.

Shaking with fear, I continued to beg the men to let me go. And as one of them started to take the motorcycle, to my surprise I was able to say, “Please do not to take my motorcycle because I’m still paying the Suzuki Company for it.” At the same time, I kept pleading with God in my mind. A few minutes later, the man who took the key became very angry; he threw the key into the mud a few feet away. Then the men left hurriedly. I stayed quiet in my down position on the ground until I saw that the men had really left me. I felt pain in my neck and in my right arm. Quietly, I cried to God, “Lord, You saved my life! I know you are here! Thank you!”

I got up and search for my motorcycle key in the mud. Then I hurriedly drove to the Naga Police Station to report the incident and went to the clinic located near the police station. I could have been murdered by those evil men, but praise God, He came to my rescue.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil;

For thou art with me;

Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.

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