March 2017-Baptism Report

1,295 Precious Souls Accepted Jesus Through Baptism

The “good news” of Salvation is being shared to thousands everyday through the work of our hundreds of adopted ministers. Five missions in Mindanao, Philippines have sent their baptism totals for January and February. (The other missions have not sent their totals) so this number should be higher.
Northeastern Mindanao Mission = 468, North-Central Mindanao Conference = 188, Zamboanga Peninsula Mission = 243. Western Mindanao Mission = 99, Davao Mission = 305. TOTAL = 1,295 precious souls To God be the glory!
Due to low donations, we are able to send only half of stipends to the majority of our adopted ministers, but they continue to do faithful work for Jesus. Their work has lots of challenges and many are away from home as they work in us-entered areas. Someday, Jesus will show us the multitudes that your heartfelt support brought into a His kingdom.
Thank you for you prayers and financial support. We are truly grateful. Please continue to help spread Jesus through the work of our adopted ministers.
Thank you so much and God bless,
Reva, JR and Mary Grace

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