October 2014

A total of over 1,400 Baptisms reported by adopted ministers from 7 local missions

From Reva Moore (Founder of Adopt a Minister International)…Of the 350 adopted ministers, only around 100 of them have sponsors. Our funds for stipends each month is not enough and so we are always pleading with God for miracles. We thank our sponsors for your prayers and financial support. May God continue to bless you without limit. We are also praying that the Holy Spirit will touch hearts and many more will send donations to help God’s workers.

1). By Geryl Paulino
Shalom. Thank God, one hundred eight (108) precious souls were baptized in Caloocan City Jail. To God alone be the glory and honor. Indeed, this is the result of the Holy Spirit’s working in my pastoral ministry. Please continue to pray for all the newly-baptized members in Caloocan City Jail. Baptism is not the end. We need to nurture them to grow in faith. Jehovah-jireh.

(2). By Lorens Calibod
I am happy to inform you that the mega crusade here in the Philippines has now ended and 900+ souls were baptized in Davao City. We will continue nurture them and also do more have home visitations.

(3). By Harold Hangalay
Twenty three (23) of my Bible students accepted Jesus as their personal Savior through baptism last September. A total of 105 souls were baptized. Thank God for calling me to His work. May God always bless the AMI sponsors.

(4). By Gilmer Galanza
Praise God, our work in Cadiz-EB Magalona District was successful. Seven adopted ministers and 5 laymen helped in this evangelism. There were 117 souls who accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior through baptism.

(5). By Leopold Balidiong
I am always reminded to do a new thing each day for the Lord. Let us not be weary to do His ministry as long as there is an opportunity. By God’s grace and divine help, 14 precious souls were added to God’s kingdom on August 30, 2014. Thank you Mommy Reva and Dr. Smith for your prayers and support in our ministry. God bless you more!

(6). By Leodegario Fernando
Glad to greet you “Good day.” May God be our Guide always. Here are pictures taken during the baptism of 91 precious souls last Sept. 6, 2014 – a result of Pastor Inapan’s crusade at Isabela District 2 in Negros Occidental. Please continue to pray for our new brethren and also for those who are still in the valley of decision to accept Jesus Christ soon.

(7). By Marlon Maratas
We are happy to be a part of the Sam Yook University students from Korea when they gave a crusade at Guinoman, Zamboanga. The group was comprised of 15 students and one professor (5 of the students were non-Adventists). During the one week-nightly meeting, the students taught Korean songs before and after the message. The children and the seminarians who attended were inspired by the nightly meetings. The Korean Group was so excited because 2 of the 4 non-SDA students in their group accepted Jesus through baptism. There was a total of 99 precious souls who were baptized. Please help us pray for the newly baptized brethren.

(8). By Noel Omega….“God’s little voice”
It was a cold and quiet night. Everybody was asleep, except Claire. She couldn’t sleep. She was thinking about her high school days at an SDA Academy in Mindanao many years back. She was active in church activities then even though she was not a baptized member. She did not get baptized at that time because she thought she was still young. But she had seen her happy classmates on their baptism day. She finished high school and proceeded to college. Refusing to be one with Christ was a great challenge for Claire even though she was confident that she could make decisions on her own. She took up Criminology in college. However, while in college, Claire forgot the Bible truths, the Sabbath, the Ten Commandments, and everything about God. Claire learned to drink with her friends and had great times with them. Until one day…the little voice of God was talking to her. She instantly remembered her happy high school days and she started to cry. She felt she needed to make a life’s change. One Sabbath morning, Claire and her Grandma came to church. Claire asked for Bible study. Claire accepted Jesus to be her personal Savior. Last Sabbath, we had a special baptism for Claire. Praise God, because of His little voice, Claire was able to go back to Christ.

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