August 2014

10,000+ Baptisms in Davao Mission

Davao Mission launched a Mega Crusade last September 5 to 13 with the goal of 15,000 precious souls for the year 2014. To achieve this, Davao Mission asked help from the neighboring missions in Mindanao to allow some of their adopted ministers to help the 44 adopted ministers working in Davao Mission.

Forty one (41) adopted ministers from Southern Mindanao Mission, Northeastern Mindanao Mission, North Central Mindanao Conference, and Zamboanga Peninsula Mission went to Davao Mission 2 months prior to September 5 to help with the groundwork. So, 85 of the 202 adopted ministers in the island of Mindanao united to do groundwork in Davao Mission.

Twenty two (22) earlier satellite crusades were held by the Missions/Conference Presidents and Department Directors of South Philippine Union Conference with the adopted ministers assisting and doing groundwork (home visitations and giving Bible studies) in the months of June, July and August. A series of baptisms were held during the 3-month groundwork and satellite crusades.

The speaker of the Mega Crusade held on September 5 to 13 was Elder Jeoffrey Gabriel MBwana, the Vice President of the General Conference and his translator was Elder Leonardo Asoy, SPUC President. On September 6, a mass baptism of 716 precious souls was held in Digos City. At the end of the Mega Crusade on September 13, there was another mass baptism of 513 precious souls. There was a series of baptisms that were held already before Sept. 5.

The Executive Secretary of Davao Mission announced on September 13 that Davao Mission has 10,000+ baptisms already. They are still looking forward to 5,000 more baptisms by the end of December 2014.

Of the 41 adopted ministers from other missions, only a few went back home after the Mega Crusade. The rest of the adopted ministers from other missions will go home on the first week of October because they have unfinished Bible studies and most of them are nurturing the newly baptized brethren.

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