May 2014

Over 3,000 precious souls accepted Jesus through baptism
“The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few…” Here are just a few of the reports that were received in the past few weeks. Again, I am appealing to you to please support the Lord’s work through the work of the adopted ministers.

(1). On March 13-22, 2014, two missionary couples from Saskatchewan, Canada (Mr. and Mrs. Lust and daughter Vanessa with her husband, Pastor Liviu Tilihoi) held an evangelistic campaign at Koronadal City Sports Complex with Ptr. Tilihoi as the speaker. Ten adopted ministers: Raymond Cabardo, Eugene Macahito, Pedro Casio, Andres Dagum, Jasper Dave Almocera, Anthony Levi Llaguno, Gerwin Rotula, Elmer Zarate, Dexter Llamas, and Dennis Alipoon, together with the lay preachers of SMM invested their time and effort giving hope to hopeless inmates of the town and the city jail and to people they visited in their homes. The Lord blessed and the result – the baptism of 1,650 precious souls. To God be the glory! In this Koronadal City ministry, only 10 of the 46 adopted ministers of Southern Mindanao Mission were assigned to help. The other adopted ministers were also working in their respective assignments…by Jay Linogao

(2). Five adopted ministers of Southern Mindanao Mission helped the theology students of South Philippine Adventist College (SPAC) during their Field School Program. A team of 18 students, 2 laymen, and 2 professors of the college and 5 adopted ministers (Jay Linogao, Joven Antonio, Levi Rizaldo, Jethrone Ayre and Emmanuel Lanistosa) conducted a month-evangelistic campaign in the towns of Surallah, Lake Sebu, T’boli, Banga, and Norala (South Cotabato, Philippines). To God be the glory! 940 precious souls were won to Christ. Thanks to our AMI sponsors!!! by Jay Linogao
(3). A ten-day Evangelistic Crusade of Pastor Kenneth Davila, with the adopted ministers helping in the groundwork, reaped 102 baptisms in North Central Mindanao Conference. Praise the Lord!…by Antonio Duroy

(4). Last May 10, fifty five (55) precious souls were baptized after the Happy Family life and Bible Seminar at Matalam North Cotabato of Pastor Henie Reyes (former adopted minister but now employed). Five of us, adopted ministers, gave Bible studies for this crusade…by Russel R.Baterna

(5). A major evangelistic crusade at Manapla, Negros Occidental (with Pastor Kingsley Palmer – main speaker from the Arizona Conference) was held last May 11-17, 2014.. Seven adopted ministers: Leodegario Fernando Jr, Joel Razol, Elmer Arsula, Razel Belinario, Ralph Latoza, Gilmer Galanza, and Armando Quivic did the groundwork that started in April 16 until the end of the crusade. On May 17, Saturday afternoon,116 precious souls accepted Jesus as their Savior through baptism. To God be the glory!…by Leodegario Fernando Jr

(6). The Lord be praised because there were 135 souls baptized last April 12, 2014. I am now transferred to Panabo City to assist pastor Rudy Bermudez’ Evangelistic Crusade this coming May 30,2014…by Dany Carabelle

(7). Praise be to God because last April 12, there were another 83 souls baptized at Tagum swimming pool. This was during the culmination of the Happy Family Life Seminar at Tagum Central SDA Church. There are 176 souls recommended for baptism in the said seminar starting January ground work. 135 souls of these newly baptized members were recommended by us, the adopted ministers, and the other 41 souls came from the visiting districts. Pastor Jerry Patalinghug officiated the baptism with several ordained pastors from the districts. To God be the Glory…by Ranel Fortrich

(8). Here is my report of mass baptism last Saturday at Malita Davao Occidental reaped 163 precious souls. Thanks be to God, our crusade was successful through the help of the Holy Spirit. We were four adopted ministers namely: Basco, Moreno, Leonado and Estrera who assisted the crusade of Elder Jerry Patalinghug (President of Davao Mission). My report of total 57 precious souls who accepted the baptism area of Malita included the satellite at Talugoy-Kinabalan last February 15. My next area of assignment is Maragusan. I am glad that my son, Jethro Estrera, theology student, will assist too in our ministry here in Maragusan. Thanks to our sponsors for your prayers and financial support of our ministerial work…by Roger Estrera

(9). The Happy Family Life Crusade that started on March 16 and ended on March 22 gleaned 32 souls for Christ. To God be the glory! Pastor Benjamin Yuzon was the Gospel speaker and Bro. Ruben Zapico was the health lecturer. I also served as lecturer when they were not available. My daughters, Jeia and Janeen, also used their God-given talent in singing during the crusade. Bro. Rey Camingawan and I served as laymen with Bro. Jedi Punay, assisting.
Among the newly baptized was Ian Abanido, a former Pastor of the Conservative Baptist Church who turned into Islam. He received our invitation to further study God’s words and with the working of the Holy Spirit, decided to accept Christ as His personal Savior. Prior to the baptism, Pastor Yuzon interviewed him on how the Lord God has been so good to Him that he was able to decide to become a member of the SDA Church. Another is Shem Dalumpines, a PSL of the Catholic Church. He already received previous Bible studies but has been reluctant to accept the Church doctrines, but finally, he decided to receive Christ and follow Him. The groundwork has been so tough, but God’s grace and intervention prevailed. The power of prayer again and again showed God’s love for His chosen people…by Julie Esteban

(10) Here are the pictures of the said crusade last April 12, 2014 were two Districts participated. There were 150 precious souls who accepted Jesus through baptism. Ten of them were my Bible students. Thank you so much Mommy Reva and to our sponsors for your prayers and financial support!…by Raulen Jereos

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