February 2014

February Baptisms in the Philippines (these are just a few reports)

1. Pastor Elicio Bornales (Southern Mindanao Mission)…Ernesto was a former NPA rebel and also an ex-convict. In the past 20 years of his life until now, he has been paralyzed and unable to walk. But, he found hope in Christ and accepted Him as his personal Savior. Yet his worries are still there because he cannot go to church because he cannot walk. He wished to have a wheelchair. He told me that even if he lives up mountains, if he has a wheelchair he will go to church every Sabbath and he will join us in evangelizing his community. He is well-known in his place. Mommy, I am asking our sponsors for the sake of this new believer, to have a wheelchair for him.

2. Pastor Dorie Malit (Central Luzon Conference)…13 souls accepted Christ as their personal Savior. The minister who baptized them was Pastor Rene Montoya. I still have many Bible students in the barangay of Sta. Lucia. I also do daily nurturing and schedule evening worships with them.

3. Pastor Ranel Fortrich (Davao Mission)…Last Sabbath, 42 souls accepted Jesus through baptism. Pastor Seth Suan officiated the baptism here in Tagum Central SDA Church baptistry. Bonivie Masaudling, one of the newly baptized was quite troubled because of discouragements from her immediate family. When she decided to be baptized, her husband, mom, brothers and sisters hated her. Her family did want her to leave the Roman Catholic Church. However, Bonivie made her stand and went down the watery grave last Sabbath. To God be the Glory. Please include her in your prayers.

4. Pastor Roger Delaper (Negros Occidental Conference)…This is the result of our evangelism here in Cauayan Negros, Occidental. Before our major crusade started, we conducted satellite crusades in several places in Cauayan District. In my assigned place, I presented the Plan of Salvation for seven nights. Two theology student externs from CPAC worked with me. The people who attended the nightly crusade were our Bible students. After the satellite crusade, several people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. We are happy for the success and victory of our efforts through the help of the Holy Spirit because we had 18 souls baptized in my area. A total of 73 souls were brought to the foot of the cross in the Cauayan District.

5. Pastor Liomar Ejandra (Zamboanga Peninsula Mission)…Last February 22 during the urban evangelism seminar held at Diplahan, Zamboanga Sibugay, 6 precious souls accepted baptism officiated by Pastor Vilmar Mandalupa. Please pray for March 22, our next scheduled baptism of our Bible students.

6. Pastor Roger Estrera (Davao Mission)…I am here in Malita, Davao Occidental where we had baptism of 19 precious souls at Sitio Kinabalan. These are the results of our one-week gospel seminar satellite. Thank God for their decision to accept Jesus Christ as personal Savior. Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.

7. Pastor James Alferez (Northern Mindanao Conference)… I am sending the report of my two baptisms. One in January and the other for February. May the Lord continue to bless our ministry as we face this year 2014 in bringing more souls for God’s kingdom. Thank you very much to the sponsors of Adopt a Minister.

8. Pastor Elicio Bornales (Southern Mindanao Mission)… The cottage meeting of last February 16 -22, 2014 through the grace of our Living God, resulted to 15 precious souls brought to the feet of Jesus through baptism at the Adventist College of Technology in Acmonan Tupi.

9. Pastor Elmer Arsula (Negros Occidental Conference)… Praise the Lord for the blessings that we received. The Lord is so good in spite of the hardships that we encounter daily. I’m happy to present to you the precious souls who accepted Jesus as their personal Savior, 8 of them through my effort, and now my work continues through nurturing the newly-baptized. Thank you, Mommy and sponsors for your support through Adopt a Minister. I hope and pray that our sponsors will continue to be blessed always.

10. Pastor Lino Egay (Northern Mindanao Conference)…Here are two sets of baptisms after two mini-crusades. Thanks so much to my sponsors for their continued support of my work for Jesus.

11. Jefer Gil (theology student of South Philippine Adventist College)…… this is the result of our ground work here in Lanette Church…34 souls accepted Jesus as personal Savior.

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