May 2013

Over 1500 were baptized & a family found the truth through a dream

(1) Northern Mindanao Conference
On May 11, 2013, two baptisms were held in NMC:
A). By Pastor Antonio Duroy (adopted minister). In Cagayan de Oro, 112 precious souls were baptized as a result of the crusade of Pastor Sumagaysay. I praise God because 21 of them were my Bible students. Thank you for your prayers and financial support.

B). By Pastor Noel Omega (adopted minister). In Don Carlos Bukidnon, we baptized 181 precious souls – the result of our group’s effort. Of the 181 souls, I recommended 27. This victory is not ours only, but yours and the Lord’s as well, because of your support and prayers. May the blessings of God be upon you all (our sponsors) always.

(2) Southern Mindanao Mission
More than a thousand baptisms held in SMM:
A). By Pastor Edilberto Tanganyan Jr. (adopted minister).
Our Church was blessed by the presence of a missionary couple (Elder Ed Mackenzie and Ma’am Ruth Mackenzie from Washington State, USA) who conducted a health and gospel seminar for two weeks. There were some nearby districts who participated and after the crusade, 158 precious souls accepted Jesus Christ through baptism. Of this number, our church recommended 108 candidates. Glory be to God for this victory! At this time, we are still giving Bibles studies to many. Thank you for your prayers and help in many ways, we are praying for you also.

B). By Pastor Johnny Antiquin (adopted minister).
Thank you so much for your wholehearted support here in Southern Mindanao Mission. Last month of March 30, 2013 we participated in a big event – the culmination of the Quite Hour Crusade here in Acharon Sports Complex. The SMM adopted ministers did the ground work for this crusade. Praise God, 203 precious souls accepted Jesus Christ through baptism.

C). By Pastor Dennis Alipoon (adopted minister)
God blessed us last Saturday with 98 precious souls who accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. This number of souls is only for the Alabel district including Atis Church and Calumpang. This baptism was done in Calumpng Sport Complex last March 30, 2013. A Fundamentalist minister who became an Adventist and baptized during our evangelistic meeting in Maribulan became a fruitfull evangelist in Loan Masla. He does evangelistic work without pay and brought in 9 precious souls to Christ during this baptism.

(3) Northeastern Mindanao Mission
By Pastor Marcial Robles ((adopted minister)
I held an Evangelistic Crusade in Brgy. Cabalawan under my district territory in Tago, Surigao del Sur Philippines . With the help of our almighty God, there are 36 souls who accepted Him as their Savior last Sabbath, March 30,2013. Please help me pray for the newly baptized for the Holy Spirit to guide them everyday so they will continue to worship the Lord and be always ready for His soon coming.

(4) Negros Occidental Conference
By Pastor Onlee Entia (adopted minister in Negros Occidental Conference).
Adopt a Ministers International (Negros Occidental Chapter) conducted three simultaneous evangelistic crusades in Omilis in May, which resulted to 87 precious souls brought to the feet of Jesus. Pastor Renito Inapan, NOC Treasurer was the speaker in Omilis. Pastor Brendo Caroz, NOC Ministerial Director, was the speaker in Tuyom. Adopted minister, Onlee Entia, was the speaker in Camalandaan. All the NOC adopted ministers participated in home visitations and gave Bible studies for all three crusades.
This AMI-coordinated evangelistic effort was the 4th since last year. This out-reach program was designed so that all the adopted ministers could work together in one district as suggested by Pastor Luisito Tomado, NOC President. The first crusade in Silay City last July resulted to 84 baptisms, 86 souls in Bago City last October, and 145 in Puinaguinpinan, Kabankalan, and now 87 in last month’s crusades. And so we praise God! We are very grateful to all our sponsors for your prayers and financial support.

(5) Davao Adventist Mission
A). By Pastor Ranel Fortrich
Last Saturday was the culmination of my Health and Gospel Seminar. We baptized twenty two (22) souls for Christ. The Seminar was placed at Baybay, Davao Oriental. It was supported by the Bacsal brethren. This seminar was in connection with the big evangelistic effort by Pastor Paquibo (SPUC director) and Pastor Jemsly Lantaya (DM Youth Director). Please help us pray for the success of this effort. Many evangelistic crusade in this area in the past had poor results but God can move hearts through His Holy Spirit if we all unite in our prayers. God bless.

B). By Pastor Cradionelle Nerrie
There were 9 souls who accepted Christ as their personal savior. The crusade last only for a week and the ground work was only a month but thank God for the success of the work. I inserted some pictures during the baptism and the crusade time.. Thanks for the continuing support of this work I know that God will count on you. I pray you always together with Daddy JR and Marygrace and the rest of your family. God bless you..

(6) Zamboanga Peninsula Mission
By Pastor Arnel Arsona (adopted minister)
Through the grace of God, the evangelistic crusade in Kabasalan resulted to many precious souls added to our church. Last Sabbath, May 18 , we held a baptism for 28 souls who accepted Jesus as their personal Savior. Pastor Nildo Mamac the Publishing and Ministerial Director of ZPM was the speaker in the gospel while the rest of the nightly meeting in health lecture I handle.

(7) Laos and Thailand Mission
By Pastor Tong Thor (adopted minister)
I went to join a camp meeting in Thailand and 33 persons gave their life to Jesus. It was a real blessing to us. There were more than 300 people who came together. I pray that one day soon it will happen here in Laos also, among my Hmong people. I also thank to God because I was able to visit almost all the churches in the North of Laos. They are doing well but we don’t have enough workers and even laymen. I am asking for prayer for us because many people would like to serve God.

(8) A Family found the truth through a DREAM
Ligaya Prementil and her family were devoted members of a Fundamental Baptist Church here in Maramag,. They are avid listeners of radio programs of Seventh-day Adventists.
Ligaya and her husband, brother Robencio, have become interested in the SDA faith. There were times when they attempted to attend the services of the Maramag SDA Central Church however, as each Sabbath came, they became reluctant to attend since they did not know any of the church members.

One Friday afternoon, Ligaya went to the town and was almost hit by a vehicle. She was so terrified; it prompted her to visit the nearby Maramag SDA Central Church the following day, which was Sabbath. She was warmly welcomed by the brethren. She watched, listened and participated in the church activities, however, her mind was disturbed. She thought that she had already visited and seen the church before. She clearly remembered the arrangement of the pulpit, the chairs and flower arrangement. She had seen everything already as if it was not her first time. At the end of the Divine Worship, I asked Ligaya if she was willing to have Bible studies. She said ‘Yes’ and right after, we started the Bible studies.

During one of our sessions, Ligaya told me that she had seen herself visiting the Maramag Central SDA church – in her DREAM. She was quite amazed that everything – the flower arrangement in the church differs every Sabbath, especially during special occasions. However, during the Sabbath when Mrs. Ligaya first visited our church, the flower arrangement was the same as what she had seen in her dream awhile back.
We are very glad and amazed at the way God led this family to our church. Mr. and Mrs. Pementil with their two sons were received as members of the Maramag Central SDA Church.

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