November 2012

440Baptized during a Revelation Seminar in Southern Mindanao Mission (Philippines)

This event was assisted by six (6) adopted ministers—Jay Linogao, Dexter Llamas, Arnold Batbatan, Chalmer Cacal, Noisheen dela Cruz, and Robert Guelos

The seventeen (17) nights Bible Prophecy Seminar conducted by Pastor Edwin Gulfan, South Philippine Union Conference Executive Secretary, finally came to an end and we are glad to say it was a very happy ending.

The labor of everyone who worked behind the scenes during this event bore fruit when 440 precious souls lined up along the watery grave for baptism last October 20, 2012 at LC5 Inland Resort, General Santos City.

A demon-possessed woman was restored and healed

God’s power was revealed when “Satan as a defeated foe” tried to claim back a newly-baptized woman through devil possession.

However, God’s faithful servant, Pastor Edwin Gulfan, pleaded with God for the driving presence of Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus showed to this woman and to the witnesses how powerful the Lord really is when the evil spirit came out of her.

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