June 2017

2,130 precious Souls Accepted Jesus Adopt a Minister International 2,130 Precious Souls Baptized in Northeastern Mindanao Mission In the months of April, May and half of June 2016, there were 2,130 precious souls who accepted Jesus through baptism. Our 25 adopted ministers in NEMM played a big role in the Lord’s work there. Praise God … Read moreJune 2017

March 2017

1,295 Precious Souls Accepted Jesus Through Baptism The “good news” of Salvation is being shared to thousands everyday through the work of our hundreds of adopted ministers. Five missions in Mindanao, Philippines have sent their baptism totals for January and February. (The other missions have not sent their totals) so this number should be higher. … Read moreMarch 2017

February 2017

It’s a small world…… It’s a small world….(Adopt a Minister International & Help the Needy, Inc) Retchi Ubod, born without limbs, is an adopted layman of Adopt a Minister Internationl. Retchi visits people, especially those around his neighborhood, and tells them about Jesus. Not long ago, Retchi met Little Johnny (the 8-year-old who carried his … Read moreFebruary 2017

December 2016

Adopt a Minister International – Negros Occidental Conference Baptisms Our adopted ministers are pleading… Since August – the month when we lost our home and office in the Louisiana Flood, our donations had been very low; I was not able to send stipends to the majority of our adopted ministers. I was able to send … Read moreDecember 2016

August 2016

A Flood of Tears A Flood of Tears by Reva Moore (BEFORE and AFTER pictures of our house. Before picture – JR and his Mom in front of our house) We had miraculously escaped the raging waters of the Amite after getting stranded on Range Ave in Denham Springs. We had taken refuge at our … Read moreAugust 2016

February 2016

Western Mindanao Conference’s total number of baptisms for the Year 2015 is over 6,000 precious souls. Praise God! We have 18 adopted theology graduates in Western Mindanao Mission. We thank you for your continued support and prayers for our adopted ministers and may God continue to bless you. Of the 300+ adopted ministers, only around … Read moreFebruary 2016

January 2016

5,814 Precious Souls Baptized in NCMC North-Central Mindanao Conference’s total baptism for 2015 is 5,814 precious souls. The 31 adopted ministers of NCMC under Adopt a Minister International played a big role in this work. We thank all the sponsors of AMI for your continued support and prayers for this ministry. To God be the … Read moreJanuary 2016

December 2015

5,176 Precious Souls Baptized Zamboanga Peninsua Mission’s total baptism for 2015 is 5,176 precious souls. The 30 adopted ministers of Zamboanga Peninsula Mission under Adopt a Minister International, the mission workers and brethren worked together to share Jesus and His good news. We thank all the sponsors of AMI for your continued support of this … Read moreDecember 2015