May 2024 Baptisms = 1,910

Adopt a Minister International – “Send Labourers to His Harvest”
God be praised again! The “good news” of Salvation is being shared by our adopted ministers, brethren and mission workers in many places in the Philippines. In crowded neighborhoods and in remote places, people are hungry for the WORD.

Last May 2024, there were 1,910 precious souls who accepted Jesus through baptism. To God be the glory! The number is higher actually because these are just those where we have adopted ministers.

Southern Mindanao Mission = 569
Western Mindanao Conference = 211
North Central Mindanao Conference = 62
West Visayan Conference = 56
Central Luzon Conference/CM = 17
Central Mindanao Mission = 149
Northeastern Mindanao Mission = 627
Zamboanga Peninsula Mission = 27
Davao Mission/North Davao Mission = 127
Romblon Adventist Mission = 11
Negros Occidental Conference = 54

The two adopted ministers who built houses for the needy finished their 6th house. The families found Jesus through the love and care of the adopted ministers.

Please be a part of this work by sharing God’s blessings through this humble ministry.