January 2024 Baptisms

January 2024 BAPTISMS
To God be the glory! 987 precious souls accepted Jesus through baptism last January 2024. Our 350+ adopted ministers are so enthusiastic in sharing Jesus in their neighborhoods and places in remote areas, towns and cities.
CLC 26
CMM 50
CVC 57
NCMC 128
NEMM 301
SMM 140
WMC 61
WVC 73
NOC 48
Total: 987
Thank you all for your faithful support of Adopt a Minister International. It is because of your continued help that we three here at home are still able to do this work for Jesus. Adopt a Minister started in 2000 when God showed the need to me through a dream, and when I asked for help, God sent JR and Mary Grace (who showed at my door 3 days apart on March 2003). We 3 were complete strangers then, and now have been doing our volunteer work together for Jesus for 21 years now.

Adopt a Minister International website: https://a-a-m.org
We pray for you all every day.

Love and prayers,
Reva, JR & Mary Grace
“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” Matt 24:14