More Angel Stories

Taught by an angel…

The people arrived at the beach in trucks, buses, jeeps, and motorcycles for the mass baptism following evangelistic crusades in the Philippines. After a worship service on the beach, 30 ministers stood in the rashing waves of the Pacific Ocean and baptized nearly 1,000 people. After the service, a man gave his testimony.

His name is Baget. He is a member of the B’Laan tribe, an animist people living on the island of Mindanao. For years, Baget had robbed—and sometimes killed—his victims. He had earned a well-deserved reputation as a ruthless murderer, and was feared by the people of the community.

But one day a glorious being appeared to Baget. His face was kind, and shone like the sun. He told Baget, “You must stop all the evil things that you do! You must worship the God of heaven!” Then the being was gone. Baget was stunned. He tried to recall the being’s words. Worship the God of heaven? This was
something new to Baget.

The shining being returned to Baget several times. Each time he revealed more of what Baget must do to worship the true God. Baget told his village elders of the being’s visits and messages. The villagers, impressed by the visions, decided to obey.

One day a lay preacher heard about the angel visits and went to the village to study with the people. As Baget and the villagers listened, they recognized that the lay preacher’s teachings were the same as the glorious visitor’s. They welcomed the lay preacher and joined his Bible studies.

Following the evangelistic meetings, Baget brought 25 of his fellow B’Laan people to the mass baptism in the ocean to be baptized. Baget’s life is a testimony to God’s power to transform. Today Baget teaches others about Christ. Nearly 200 new believers worship in the two churches Baget has helped raise up.

Another story….

A church where the brethren had turned cold and had stopped going to church due to that absence of a supervising minister, had suddenly come back to life. The brethren had rededicated their lives to God once oncemore. And how did this happen?

One day two children were playing on the churchyard of the abandoned church when suddenly, as they looked up, they saw two angels (with wings) hovering on top of the roof of the church. And then the angels disappeared. The children remembered about angel stories that their parents had told them when they
were toddlers. They ran home and told their parents about the angels. Upon realizing what had happened, the adults got down on their knees, weeping. God had sent angels to remind them about Him.

Today, this church is on fire for God again.

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