In Heaven’s Eyes

Reva Lachica Moore

I entered the small and almost empty store and walked straight to the opened door at the back. Outside, behind the store, a young girl was cooking on a dirt stove.

“What are you cooking?” I asked.

“I’m boiling bananas,” she replied without looking at me.

That was two years ago when I traveled with Pastor Ruben to Cagayan de Oro in the Philippines. From the airport we took a taxi to Iligan City and bought 3 huge boxes of groceries, for we heard that the town that we had planned to visit was one of the poorest in the province. After an hour’s travel by bus, we reached the place.

This was when I saw Adelma, blowing the coals to make a fire to boil bananas. She didn’t even glance at me. I figured she was just shy. An hour later, I sat down with my companions for lunch. Adelma did not join us, which I didn’t understand. After lunch, I walked under the trees to keep cool when I bumped into Adelma again. She was sweeping the dead leaves using a coconut broom. She didn’t see me coming, so I startled her. Instantly, she looked straight at me and I was taken aback with what I saw.

Adelma has some type of “growth” on her left eyelids. Something huge, black, and ugly. I could tell she was very conscious about it and immediately looked down. I felt really bad for her and wished I could help her.

But after that short visit, I forgot all about Adelma.

But Adelma did not forget Reuben and me. A few months later, Adelma sent a message to us. She asked if we could help her have those giant moles be surgically removed.

A whole year passed. I forgot all about Adelma again since there were many others who needed urgent help. Patients who have life-threatening illnesses. Then out of the blue, Pastor Ruben mentioned about Adelma. Instantly, thoughts about the poor girl came to me. I told Pastor Ruben to send word to Adelma that I’ll try to raise funds so she can have her surgery. Adelma’s giant moles have doubled in size since the first time we saw her.

At this time, Adelma is in Manila and Pastor Ruben had taken her to see an ophthalmologist. It will cost around $1,000 for her surgery. The doctor will have to remove the moles and will have to do skin grafts to fix her eyelids. Would you like to have a part in giving Adelma her beautiful eyes? Adelma’s problem may not be that serious compared to others,’ but for a teenager, it’s quite devastating. Can you help Adelma before those moles close up her eyes completely? In Adelma’s eyes, she looks ugly, but in heavens eyes, she is beautiful. Adelma comes from a very poor family. She’s been praying for someone who could help her have surgery.

When I think about Adelma and her monstrous moles, I remember the words of the song – In Heaven’s Eyes. And not only Adelma, others, too, like Janice, Jezreel, Dorel who wish to have their physical imperfections be fixed through surgery.

We thank Dr. Archie LaMadrid of Manila Adventist Medical Center for giving Adelma her FREE surgery. Dr. LaMadrid contacted me right after he was forwarded Adelma’s story by Diana Quinn. This picture was taken 3 days after Adelma’s surgery.

Here are the words of the song –

In Heaven’s Eyes

By Phil McHugh

A fervent prayer rose up to heaven. A fragile soul was losing ground.

Sorting through the earthly babble, heaven heard the sound.

This was a life of no distinction, no successes, only tries.

Yet gazing down on this unlovely one, there was love in heaven’s eyes.

In heaven’s eyes there are no losers; in heaven’s eyes no hopeless cause.

Only people like you, with feelings like me, amazed by the grace we can find

In heaven’s eyes.

A child with a tumor, a mother with hemangioma, a boy without legs (I changedthe words here)

When life goes by and no one bothers, heaven feels the pain.

Looking down God sees each heartache, knows each sorrow, hears each cry.

And looking up, we’ll see compassion’s fire, ablaze in heaven’s eyes.

In heaven’s eyes there are no losers; in heaven’s eyes no hopeless cause.

There’s only people like you with feelings like me,

And we’re amazed by the grace we can find

In heaven’s eyes.

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