A Reunion Ten Years Later….

I never imagined that 18 years ago when I was shown in a dream to start Adopt a Minister International, this small organization would give help to hundreds of unemployed theology graduates work for Jesus. Praise the Lord, thousands of precious souls are brought to the feet of Jesus each month because of the dedicated work of our adopted ministers. To God be the glory!

In 2004, Jhun Cardiente (SULADS) was under Adopt a Minister. A year later, he moved to Thailand and helped SULADS Thailand. Laos Mission needed ministers and so Jhun wrote to ask if Adopt a Minister could sponsor 4 Laos students take theology at Mountain View College in the Philippines. All four Laos students went to MVC, graduated, and are now working for the mission in their country. One of the 4 is Singkham Phouliphan.

Just this evening I was tagged this picture by Jhun Cardiente with this note: “A visit to Pastor Kham Phouliphan’s lovely home. If I’m not mistaken, about 10 years ago, we worked together in Pangkhon Mien Village before he went to Mountain View College to study theology. He is currently serving as Lao Mission Secretary.”

This is the first time that the two met again after 10 years. Although I’ve not met them in person, I feel that I have because I see their work for Jesus through pictures.
I am so grateful to all our sponsors through the years for your faithful support of “Adopt a Minister.” I know God had impressed you to support this small organization and may He always bless you.

(Note: Jhun Cardiente wrote the story: “The Bomb and the All-knowing Timer” that was published in Adventist World, August 2009 as part of the Adopt a Minister International feature.