An Amazing Young Man…..Retchi Ubod, the adopted layman with NO shoes.

Last February 15, 2019 was my first time to meet Retchi, the boy born without limbs. I met Retchi at the elementary school where around 80 adopted ministers were staying that weekend for the mass baptism and get-together. I watched Retchi eat his dinner and was amazed at his crafty way of holding the spoon and drinking water.
That Saturday night, during the Get-together of the Adopted Ministers of Mindanao, I introduced Retchi. The room became really quiet when Retchi walked to the front.

Retchi was baptized into Adventism 10 years ago and wanted to be a layman. One of our adopted ministers taught Retchi how to give Bible studies. In no time, Retchi was sharing Jesus to his neighbors and people he met. He speaks in schools, churches and group functions. Dozens had found Jesus through Retchi. Even a non-SDA Minister found the truth through this young man. Retchi turned 30 years old last year and he asked if I could send him extra to buy new church clothes. He bought new church clothes. I am amazed at Retchi’s “will” to live (in spite of), be an inspiration to others, and most of all, be a faithful worker for our Lord. Retchi has been an adopted layman for 9 years under Adopt a Minister International. To God be the glory!

We have 290 adopted ministers and 1 layman (Retchi). Our funds are so low and we do not have enough funds for stipends. The majority of our adopted ministers do not have sponsors and so they receive only $60 per month, while those with sponsors receive $130. This is a very small amount really, especially for those with children. May the Lord bless you (whoever is reading this) abundantly and may the Holy Spirit touch your heart to give to Adopt a Minister International. Let us all help hasten our Lord’s soon coming through the work of the adopted ministers/layman.

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Thank you so much and God bless you!
Reva, JR and Mary Grace