1,496 BAPTISMS for Jan-Feb 2021

1,496 BAPTISMS for Jan-Feb 2021

This number should be higher because not all the missions have sent their reports.

God’s work in the Philippines continues even with the strict government rules of wearing masks, social distancing and limited capacity inside churches. If caught, the person may have to pay a fine and can be put in jail.

Not everyone there can afford a mask, especially those who live up in remote areas of the Philippines. However, there is hungering for the “good news” of Salvation and even more because of the looming covid virus.

Thanks to all our sponsors for your faithful support through the years! To God be the glory!

Each day I pray for God to bless you all with good health, finances, protection, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Happy Sabbath!
Reva, JR and Mary Grace