2,700 Baptism

2,700 Baptisms in 2020 – Result of an adopted minister’s work up in the Mountains

2021 nehlu torres bike stuck 2 pics

UPDATE of Pastor Nehlu Torres’ work with the Subanen Tribes people.

The road up to the mountains is rugged and muddy during rainy season, which is several months of the year in the Philippines. But the 93-mile distance does not discourage Pastor Nehlu and his young church friends who go to “feed the hungry” with food and the Lord’s WORD.

2021 Nehlu Torres mayor

The mayor of the town is very grateful for the hard work of Pastor Nehlu and the young people. He came one day to hear the sermon.

But with 2,700 new brethren, they need Houses of Worship. There is one church up there and 2 new churches are being built at this time. They need 8 more church buildings to accommodate everyone.

2021 Nehlu Torres church building start

A church building can be built for $1,000. I wish you could help in the church building projects.

We will give you a tax-deductible receipt. May God bless you abundantly so you can help finish the Lord’s work in this part of the Philippines.

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