September 2011

132 Precious Souls were Baptized in Negros Occidental Conference

By Pastor Joebert Arroz, adopted minister

Praise be to God for His goodness and mercy. We had our major crusade last week, September 17-24, 2011 in Silay under Negros Occidental Conference. Our speaker was Pastor Jonathan Catolico, the Communication & PARL Director of Southern Asia Pacific Division. Our hearts are filled with joy and gladness seeing a total of 132 souls who accepted Jesus as their personal Savior and manifested it through baptism.
I’m so happy because my Bible students were part of this number (34 souls are my personal Bible Students plus 28 souls who where under me and one layman as my partner for a total of 62 souls).

The other 70 souls were the result of the cooperation of the elders and some layman in our District. I still have so many interests to follow up and a lot of newly-baptized to nurture.
Thanks and God Bless to all





322 were Baptized in Northern Mindanao Conference

By adopted ministers: Pastors: James Alferez, Antonio Duroy, Jeremiah Obena, Robert Quibado, Rodjen Angollin, Rolando Cajes, Juanito Catane

7 Adopted Ministers did the groundwork and assisted the crusade of Pastor Leonardo Asoy, SPUC President and Pastor Aner Tero, NMC President, in Gingoog City, which resulted to 322 precious souls baptized on September 17, 2011. Our Mass Baptism was held in Mawa Beach Gingoog City. We praise God for all these precious souls who accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. ~Pastor Jeremiah Obena

Of the 322 souls baptized, 77 were from my series of crusade in that place. I’m blessed by your support and I’m only an instrument and hope that these people will meet you in heaven. At last Jesus is coming very, very soon and we’re going home. Thank you so much! ~ Pastor Antonio Duroy

Six unmarried couples who were our Bible students were solemnized by the Mayor in their marriage here in Gingoog City in preparation for baptism.
~ Pastor James Alferez


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