December 2010

Adopt a Minister International

9 Former Protestant Pastors Baptized into Adventism

Pastor Romulo Tuballes (SMM AMI coordinator)

Through a PREACH Seminar (a seminar aimed to befriend pastors of other denominations by SDA pastors through study of Bible truths) 9 protestant pastors were baptized into Adventism. As the seminar given by Pastor William Galagnara (adopted minister) progressed, the protestant pastors were convinced that they were not properly taught by their superiors and started to believe that the Seventh-day Adventist Church has the full truth of the Bible.

These protestant pastors were true to their calling as pastors of their respective denominations even without pay whatsoever. Some had been serving their churches for 13, 18, 20 years. When they received a three hundred peso ($7) gift from Southern Mindanao Mission of SDA (SMM) yesterday, they were very happy that for the first time, an office of a religious organization not their own, had recognized their service for God.

Thus we are looking forward for more of them accepting the Adventist message also because of the care we showed them. They were treated for lunch, a treat they have not experienced before. They liked what they saw in Adventists – that we are honest and honorable people.

This group of former protestant pastors are not part of the 45 former protestant pastors now Adventists that I reported a few months ago. And many more are coming! Another baptism will follow during their graduation on Dec 27, 2010. By the end of this year, there will be 132 tribal congregations under SMM.

In January 2011, the ‘Advent Mission to the Indigenous’ Tribes of SMM will go full swing. The Adventist Lay-Preachers Highland Academy will start its classes for ten couples (three of which are pastors of other denominations). A long term “crops” Nursery (rubber and abaca) will have its seedbeds ready.

The way up the mountain is rugged. Please find a donor for a mountain motorbike if not a four -wheel drive vehicle. Thanks. Praying for this.

List of PPs baptized late 2010.

1. Pastor and Pastora Lito & Lelah Ayaw – Water of the Living God

2. Rev. Munico Okum – New Apostolic Church

3. Rev Emod Angkoy – New Apostolic Church

4. Rev. Nerbie Buayan – New Apostolic Church

5. Pastor Mario Silaw – One Way Outreach Church

6. Pastor Rolando Maladang – Church of the Nazarene

7. Pastor Mando Walan – Church of the Nazarene

8. Pastor Larry Buan – Church of the Nazarene

*Pastors are those handling only one church

*Rev. are those supervising at least 4 churches

Praying for more sponsors for AMI projects here in Southern Mindanao Mission.

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