Mary Grace Fundraiser

Adopt a Minister Fundraiser

My name is Mary Grace. I live in Denham Springs, Louisiana, USA with my adoptive parents.

This is my story.

I was born with a handicap. My right arm is a “stump” and my right leg is small and 8 inches shorter than the left, with only three toes. I had a very difficult time growing up because of how I look.

When I was just a child, I used to look at the mirror and wondered why I didn’t have a right hand like everyone else.

I used to ask myself what did I do to deserve being born like this.

I didn’t have any friends, even in school. I was never invited to parties, and shunned by people.

Some of my family members were so embarrassed to be seen with me.

I was practically hidden as a child.

When guests came to our home to visit, I was told to stay in my room, or I had to cover my stump.

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As a child, I couldn’t do any menial jobs like buttoning my dress or taking off a candy wrapper. I felt so sorry for myself, especially when kids made fun of me. Their taunting hurt.

Handicap piano musician I wear a platform orthopedic shoe on my right foot so I could walk and not limp.

I wear pants or long skirt to hide my short, ugly leg.

For a long time, I didn’t have any self-confidence, my self-esteem was very low. I used to (and sometimes still do) cry myself to sleep.

If not for God sustaining me, I would have never made it this far.

But in spite of all of these, I finished college with a degree in
Psychology. I took Psychology to understand why people stare at me.

Today I can almost do anything like a normal person with two hands.

I no longer feel sorry for myself, for I believe that God does not create “JUNK”.

One great thing that God gave me is my gift to play the piano.Gospel musician concert on 3abn

I was five years old when my Grandma saw my interest and found a piano teacher for me.

The first three piano teachers whom she approached didn’t want to teach a one-handed student. But my Grandma told them to teach me in one hand and she’ll pay for two, and the fourth teacher took me.

After I started my piano lessons, I found out that I could play with my stump.

Playing the piano became the outlet to all my sadness.

Sometimes my back and my stump hurt when I play but I like to inspire people through my music, and it has become my passion.

I wish to inspire people, especially the handicap or differently-abled. There
are so many people out there who are despised by society because they are not
physically or mentally perfect.

People who had become a nuisance and a burden to

People who are told to stay away (like me when I was a child). People who are ignored.

Due to neglect, they go into pits of despair and utter depression.

They become sick and wish that life’s over for them.

I wish to be an INSPIRATION
to others and to give honor to God for creating me this way.

For the past 10 years I have been giving concerts for charities without any financial gain for me.

Just to name a few:

Volunteers for the Rehabilitation of the Handicap and the Disabled, Inc.,
Crusade For Human Improvement
1000 Missionary Movement.
Adopt a Minister

At the present time, I am giving concerts to raise funds for
the Adopt a Minister International, a non-profit organization based in U.S. that find
sponsors and funds for the hundreds of unemployed Theology graduates in the
Philippines and Thailand.

I thank God for giving me this opportunity to share His gift for me with you all.

“To God be the glory for the things He has done!”

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