A Very Sad Yet a Blessed Hope (Bro. Rolando’s Story – Part 2)

On February 4, 2020, I sent an appeal for help to build a small house for Bro. Rolando Veles. Rolando had accepted Jesus through baptism on November 27, 2019 at Matabas Island, Philippines. We raised a small amount and so Pastor Aljohn Tanjusay, adopted minister, bought the materials for the house project. But then, the … Read more

Baptism before the lockdown

Praise God, we finished our evangelistic crusade and 327 precious souls were baptized in Zamboanga Peninsula Mission on March 14, 2020. The following day, March 15, the President of the Philippines declared a total LOCKDOWN of the whole country. ~Report by Pastor Nehlu Torres. To God be the glory. We are nearing home! Let the … Read more

Our Theology graduates from Laos: Kou and Noy

Our Theology graduates from Laos: Kou and Noy (Adopt a Minister International) For four years, they stayed at Mountain View College in the Philippines to take theology. Kou has not been back to his home in Laos in those 4 years. Noy was able to visit his home just one time. Like thousands of students … Read more

Thousands Accepted JESUS CHRIST through Baptism

  Thousands Accepted JESUS CHRIST through Baptism During this pandemic, our adopted ministers in the Philippines are staying at home starting March 15 up to the present time because of the Philippine president’s quarantine orders, which means very few baptisms in the past 2 months. But, I wish to share the BAPTISMS of 2019 and … Read more

They Found JESUS in JAIL

“They Found JESUS in JAIL” In Tuguis Jail, 30 inmates found Jesus and accepted HIM as their personal Savior through baptism. Even the four guards are now Adventists. Six of the inmates had been freed. They were given masks, “Ambassador for Christ” shirts, and food. They wear their yellow shirts during Sabbath services. In another … Read more