972 Baptisms were reported for June 2019 – To God be the glory!

Adopt a Minister International – “Send Labourers to His Harvest”
Matthew 24:14 “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.”

The following local missions sent their baptism reports and pictures for June. Praise God for the hard work and dedication of the adopted ministers who are sharing the “good news” of Salvation. Many are accepting Jesus.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support of God’s workers. Your help allows them to provide for their families as they share the “good news.”
Praying for Heaven’s blessings to be poured out to you each day and may you support God’s ministry until He comes back to take us home! What a glorious day that will be!

Adopt a Minister International website: https://www.a-a-m.org

About Hurricane Barry…..It had been stressful for us here in Louisiana the past few days. I had been on my knees pleading with God not to allow us to go through another flood. I prayed with Grace a few times, and also prayed with JR. I was wondering why while I prayed, I would “blow” in between my sentences. I realized later that God was telling me that He was going to do something to the hurricane. The weatherman said to expect lots of heavy rain and flooding.

The next day, the weatherman said there was DRY AIR that formed above Louisiana that evening. And the DRY AIR doubled in size the following morning. Then Hurricane Barry made a landfall 2 hours away from Baton Rouge. We waited for the wind and the rain. HARDLY any wind and rain. Mostly shower. The weatherman said, “People will hate me for making my predictions that did not happen.”

The DRY AIR kept the hurricane’s heavy rain at bay. When the heavy rain finally came the next day, it was only an hour. We are so grateful for God’s mercy.

God bless you,
Reva, JR & Mary Grace