Over 80,000 Baptisms in 2021

Over 80,000 Baptisms in Year 2021 in the Philippines Adopt a Minister International – “Send Labourers into the Harvest” During the covid years (2020 – 2021), I mentioned in my monthly newsletters about the strict Philippine government rules, which affected evangelism in the Philippines. But praise God, it did not affect the yearly baptisms. Instead, … Read more

“I Found Jesus in Prison”

“I Found Jesus in Prison” by Reva Lachica Moore Thousands of men and women are incarcerated and for those given life sentences or assigned to death row, there is nothing to look forward to. Yet, many of them find something or someone that they have been missing their whole life while in jail. Indeed, God … Read more

Rolled Up Like a Scroll

“Rolled Up Like a Scroll” by Reva Lachica Moore We are thankful to our sponsors for your dedication in helping the adopted ministers continue to work for our Lord through your generous donations and prayers. – God bless, Reva & J.R. & Mary Grace Does God talk to us in dreams? Yes, He sometimes does. … Read more

A “Saul to Paul” Conversion Story

Pastor Wahab’s AMAZING “Saul to Paul” Conversion Story by ~Reva Moore (Adopt a Minister International) It was the only way of life that he knew. As a young boy, Wahab was already bearing arms. Both sides of his family were leaders of the Moslem Group in Southern Philippines. He was only 9 years old when … Read more

1,433 Souls Baptized in May

Adopt a Minister International – “Send Labourers into the Harvest” Praise God, 1,433 precious souls accepted Jesus through baptism last month (May 2022). Thank you, Lord for giving us relief from covid so they can continue sharing You before Your soon return. NEMM 195, CMM 101, DM/NDM 101, CVC 27, CLC 8, SMM 317, WVC … Read more

1,247 Baptisms. Praise God!

1,247 Baptisms. To God be the glory! Thank God, the pandemic had eased up and our adopted ministers are able to do more evangelistic work again. Here are the baptism reports for April 2022 – combined effort of adopted ministers, brethren, and mission workers. SMM = 247, CMM = 152, DM/NDM = 189, CVC = … Read more

695 Baptisms for March 2022

695 Baptisms for March 2022 To God be the glory! I received the March 2022 Baptism reports from our adopted ministers. NOC – 63, CLC – 20, SMM – 21, NEMM – 168, CMM – 84, CVC – 27, ZPM – 43, WMC – 127, NCMC – 82, DM – 50, RAM – 12 We … Read more

805 Baptisms (February 2022)

Adopt a Minister International – “Send Labourers into the Harvest” 805 Baptisms (February 2022) in the Philippines Praise God, many are accepting Jesus to be their Savior. These are the picture reports that I received from our adopted ministers. They continue to do great work sharing the “good news” and many are responding. The local … Read more

Baptisms in August 2021

Philippine Baptisms for August 2021 This is the lowest number of baptisms that I have received in the 21 years of Adopt a Minister. Before the pandemic, the yearly baptisms in the Philippines totaled to over 50,000. The baptisms are a combined effort of adopted ministers, employed ministers and the local brethren. Here I wish … Read more