My Second Coming Dream

My dream last December 14…
In the dream I saw hundreds of people in 2 huge rooms under one building. The rooms were overflowing and many were standing up because of no room. All I could tell, they were soooo excited because something was going to happen and very, very soon. I could tell from their voices how happy they were. The happening they were waiting on and what they were saying is, “Jesus is coming! Jesus is coming!” Then I woke up. This is my 3rd Jesus’ Coming dream in one year’s time. I am so looking forward to His Second Coming. What a wonderful day that will be!

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We are so grateful!
Many, many thanks to our faithful sponsors through the years. Your prayers and financial support have kept the work going in the Philippines and other places. Please help share Jesus to many, many more before His soon return. To God be the glory!

Thanks so much and Have a blessed New Year,
Reva, JR and Mary Grace