“The Holy Spirit Spoke to Me”

“The Holy Spirit Spoke to Me through an Evangelist”

Back in 1992, someone (a stranger) had said some hurting words to me. I don’t like anyone talk badly about me, so I cried to Jesus about it for over a month. “Jesus, You understand me, don’t You? I was just misunderstood, Lord. Please tell me that You understand and know my pain.” I found solace in Jesus and I wanted Him in my life even more each day.

That night (in 1992) a friend invited me to attend a service at the Healing Church in Baton Rouge. I went and after the woman evangelist was done speaking, I felt a very strong “urge” to go and talk to her. She was still in the pulpit speaking to a group of people when she suddenly turned around and saw me. She came near me, placed her arms on my shoulder and started speaking in a deep voice (as if repeating someone’s words. She paused after every sentence) and said, “I have heard your cries. I have seen your tears. I have felt you pain. I will make everything right. Put your hand in My hand.” I was amazed at what I heard, for I felt Jesus was speaking directly to me. I remember going down the pulpit steps as if I was floating. I drove back home a different person. (That night was the start of my very close walk with Jesus; I talk with Him every second of the day/night wherever I am.)

The following night, I drove back to the church meeting. After the service, I went close to the pulpit again and the woman evangelist saw me and said (pointing at me), “You’re the one the Holy Spirit talked to last night.”

My life has not been the same since that spiritual experience. Jesus had been so real in my life. He had drawn me so close to Him and Him to me.

Jeremiah 29:13 “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”