“Put a SMILE on Someone’s Face by Reva Lachica Moore

“Put a Smile on Someone’s Face” by Reva Lachica Moore

My husband JR and I were dining at an Italian Restaurant thirty miles from home. We had $10 discount coupons for this restaurant. After a tasty meal of Alfredo chicken, we decided the place was too far to go back to the next time. JR had one more coupon and he wanted to give it away.
“Who should I give it to? I don’t want to offend people.”Jr said.
We looked around. There in the back corner of the room, JR spotted a father and toddler eating.
“There, I’m giving this coupon to them,” he said.

We slowly approached the table on our way out. The father looked up. JR placed the coupon on the table. The father looked at it and understood what it was for.
“Thank you! This is so nice of you!” he said smiling.

I felt so tall walking with JR, feeling good for what he did.
* * * * * *

We were passing a toll both in West Virginia. JR handed his money to the attendant.
“Here you can have it back. The car ahead paid for you!” the attended said, smiling.
“How nice!” JR and I smiled, too, even if we saved only $2.
We decided to do the same. In the next toll booths, we paid for the car behind us.
* * * * * *

My late husband, Edwin Wallace, and I were driving the long, 12 tiresome hours back to our house in Louisiana from Disney World. Our sons were 7 and 5 years old. Our Volvo station wagon was packed to capacity. The boys found their places in the back. We’ve only driven one third of the way when we saw an old, beat-up car smoking on the side of the road. A family with a toddler and a baby stood by it. We had passed them half a mile, but our conscience wouldn’t let up. So, we decided to go back and give them a ride. We made room for the family and took them 2 hours out of our way to their home. You bet, they had smiles on their faces.
* * * * * *

When I came down with “occupational” asthma at the chemical laboratory where I worked, it seemed as if the whole place had ganged up on me. I became everyone’s hot topic every day. People can really be very cruel. But each day, like an appointed angel, a beautiful, caring person called Avis came to give me encouragement that always put a SMILE on my face.
* * * * * *

I noticed a display desk at the nurse’s office where I work. I commented on how beautiful it was. I noticed she has a few seashells scattered about.
“I loved the beach and everything in it,” she said.
“Do you like seashells?” I asked
“Yes, I do. Very much!” she answered.
“You know, I have this shell hanging lamp that I no longer want. Would you like to have it?” I asked.
She had a doubtful look on her face as if she was thinking that I was just telling her about it but wouldn’t follow through. The shell swag lamp (see picture of the lamp) is made of hundreds of small seashells and it’s still gorgeous, but I’ve outgrown it. The following Monday, I gave the shell lamp to the nurse. The smile on her face – I’d remember for a long time. (This was 25 years ago.)
* * * * * *

NOTE: I added this today (Feb 5, 2024): I always keep $20 bills in my purse for those who could use a “perking” up. I’d place the $20 in the person’s hand. Those who carry trash, other janitorial work, yard work, etc. in public places. At a Chicken Fast Food place, I asked at the counter:
“How many are working today?” I asked.
“I want to give each one $20.”
The checkout girl said, “Wait.” She went at the back to the kitchen area and talked with the restaurant manager. Then she came back.
I started counting the $20 as I placed the money on the counter. Soon, the workers all came out to the counter smiling. The restaurant manager came out of the door and met me and shook my hand.
“Thank you very much. You made their day.” The smiles on their faces, I’ll remember for a long time.

Put a smile on someone’s face. It doesn’t have to cost you. A word of encouragement, a nice greeting, even a simple “Hello” can put a smile on
someone’s face today.

I give God the thanks and praises for letting me be a part of putting smiles on people’s faces. Only Jesus gets the honor and glory!

Proverbs 3:3
Do not let kindness and truth leave you; Bind them around your neck, Write them on the tablet of your heart.”