God said, “I got this!” Then He Sent Three Angels by Reva Lachica Moore

I dream almost every night. Mostly symbolic dreams. Last night I dreamed that I had a beautiful flower garden. There were flowers of all kinds. I didn’t see any soil or grass. Instead, a groundcover of small, pink flowers carpeted the edge of the garden.

But as beautiful as it was, the garden lacked a fence. Which means, the flowers can get trampled over by anyone. Or anyone could pick the flowers without my permission.

I saw people pass by the garden admiring it. But a middle-aged man came close and pulled a long-stemmed flower and threw it away. I was shocked! I asked the man, “Why did you do that?” But the man just smirked at me and left.

The dream continued…I saw the man in front of me this time. He sort of apologized for what he did. He said that he’ll buy one just like it and put it back where he took out the flower. I told him, “No. It’s OK, but just leave my flowers alone!”

I did not think anything about the dream. I told JR about it as we drove to get our car an inspection sticker this morning. I silently prayed that there will not be many cars lining up. In the past days, the place was packed.

Halfway to the inspection place, it started to shower. “God, please hold off on the rain.” We cannot get the car inspected when it is raining.

We reached the place. There was one car, and it was about to leave. I sat in a chair outside the building and in no time, the man motioned to us. The inspection was done. And that fast. “We have another year before I have to come back to this place.” JR was all smiles.

Next stop was at the drug store. I knew it would take JR awhile because there is always a line there. Wow! He was back so fast, too. No problem. So, we were on our way to get gas and then go back home.

There were several cars lining up in the 6 lines of gas pumps, but since we were already there, we decided to wait. As soon as it was JR’s turn to go near the pump, TROUBLE came! Our car stopped working! JR turned on the ignition, but the car wouldn’t crank. The gear shift lever became limp. He tried many times, but nothing doing. I could see panic on his face. The man who worked the pumps came but said that he’s not allowed to even touch the cars.

I started praying. “Jesus, help!” Then I called my son Cliff and told him of our predicament. Cliff called me back. “I called a wrecker. It will be there in half an hour. I already paid the wrecker.”

Soon after, God sent 3 angels – one after another…

A young man came and asked JR to open the hood. Right away the man knew what to do. He checked something and had JR start the car again. It started! But then it stopped again. The man did something else, and it cranked.

At the next pump, a woman driver hollered, “Do you need help?” I smiled at her, ‘But what can a woman do?’ I thought to myself.

JR was able to drive the car to the empty parking lot of Sam’s. Amazingly, the young man followed us. He said he could temporarily fix it with a zip tie. JR normally has a toolbox full of things he may need during emergencies. Even zip ties. But he took out the toolbox yesterday and forgot to put it back in the car.

As the two were trying to figure out what to do, the woman driver who hollered earlier came and parked near us. She got out of her car and asked, “Can I help?” The man asked her if she has zip ties. She nodded, opened the back of her car, and took out a handful of zip ties. “You can have it all,” she said. The man went under the hood and attached the zip tie. Then the woman drove away. I was still in disbelief that two strangers went out of their way to help us. Who are they? Where did they come from?

Then a block away, I saw the bright strobe light of the wrecker. The driver did not know where we were.

Minutes later, my phone was ringing. UNKNOWN CALLER. I normally do not answer but this time, I did. It was the driver of the wrecker. It was great relief to see him. We gave the young man who helped us $$ and thanked him. At first, he did not want to accept, but we insisted.

Soon, the wrecker driver was talking to JR. JR told him about what happened and that we had called the car shop, but they couldn’t work on our car until Monday. The wrecker driver suggested that we drive our car back home, but not to stop anywhere. So, we did not need the wrecker after all. We gave the wrecker driver $$ for his great help. We got home and thanked God for sending those 3 angels to help us.

After we settled down for the night, I suddenly remembered my dream about the beautiful garden that a stranger tried to pluck out a flower.

NOTE: When JR was stressing when our car suddenly stopped, I had NO fear. When we finally reached home, he said, “All you did was smile.” “Yes, because Jesus was telling me, I got this!” I was praying all that time and had NO doubt that Jesus got it. Cliff is bringing one of his cars for us to drive this weekend. To God be the glory!

God says, “I will never leave you,” so that then I “may boldly say, ‘The Lord is my helper; I will not fear’” Hebrews 13:5-6