God Has the Best Plans Always by Reva Lachica Moore


God Has the BEST Plans Always ~ by Reva Lachica Moore

A few months ago, I found out in my old age and to my amazement, that I could have been given up for adoption to a childless relative. Of the 10 siblings, my aunt had specifically asked for me. I don’t know why. Maybe because of pity for me because I had to quit school for 2 years before high school. I sold boiled bananas at the market to help earn a living. I knew the couple would send me to school, but my mother wanted all of us siblings together; I am with my family today. (Looking back now, I remember being taken to live with the couple for a few days when I was around 8 years old. I still remember looking at every room of the house. There were a lot of fruit trees in their yard.)

But GOD had a better PLAN. After months of earnest prayers, at age 14, I found an address label in an old Review and Herald magazine. I wrote to the name on the label and soon found Beryl McLarty, age 75, from Memphis, Tennessee. Mrs. McLarty became my American Grandma who sponsored me through high school and college at Philippine Union College.

In 1971 after my graduation, I came to the US on a 3-month tourist visa. I had just graduated from college and was staying with Grandma McLarty at her house in Memphis. Grandma was 80 and in a wheel-chair at this time. I wanted to return her kindness by taking care of her. It was my second visit to the US and that time, I wanted to stay for good. BUT HOW?

“I can go back to school,” I thought. Even though I had my medical technology degree already, I applied for a MT internship at St. Joseph Hospital in Memphis. I kept pleading with God for help.

“So sorry but we’ve started classes two weeks ago and we can have 10 students only,” the educational coordinator told me. I went back to Grandma’s house so disappointed, but continued begging God for help. That night, I wrote a pleading letter to Ma’am Autry, the medical technology educational coordinator, and put the letter in the mail the next day. Going to school was my only way to stay in the US. Amazingly, a few days later, I received a phone call. “You can come to class. I decided to have 11 students.” I was ecstatic. I took the bus and went to MT school the following day.

However, God is the kind of Father Who gives the BEST…(I call this “reinforcements.” Just in case the first solution will not work, God has a second solution already set in place.)

Two weeks before I applied for Medical Technology internship, Grandma McLarty said, “Reva, get a paper and pen and write a letter for me.” I had no idea what she was telling me, but I got the yellow pad and pen.

She dictated: “Dear President Nixon, I am Beryl McLarty, 80 years old, from Memphis, Tennessee. I can no longer write and so I have asked Reva to write this letter for me. I am writing you because my granddaughter, Reva Lachica from the Philippines, needs help. I sent Reva through high school and college in the Philippines and she is here in Memphis visiting me at this time. Sir, I would like so much if Reva can live with me. Thank you and God bless you, Beryl McLarty.”

I put the letter in an envelope addressed to: President Richard Nixon, White House, Washington, DC. I was very happy about the letter but doubtful that it would reach the President of the United States. Much more, be opened and answered.

But I was already hopeful. I was accepted at St. Joseph Hospital for my medical technology internship.

A whole month later, I checked the mailbox and lo and behold, a thick Manila envelope addressed to me was in it. The Sender: Immigration and Naturalization Service, Washington, DC. My heart skipped a beat! And then it started pounding fast. I suddenly got scared. I opened the envelope and there were several pages of printed forms inside it. I was interested only in the letter that came with it.

“Dear Reva Lachica, You can start working now while waiting for your resident visa.” Signed by the INS in Washington, DC. (It was a longer letter than this but this was what mattered most to me.)

And so, I had two options to stay in the US. I went through my second internship anyway and right after, I started working. At night, I took care of Grandma McLarty at home. She was God’s answer to my earnest pleadings. I will forever be grateful to God and to the wonderful McLartys.

Truly, God has our best interests at heart if we go to Him and plead our case. I do plead with all of my heart for big and small things even today, and I always express my love for HIM Who cares so much. “I love You so much, Jesus! Thank You for creating me and for dying on the cross for me.”

Note: I later found out that it was Dr. Barney McLarty, Grandma Beryl’s son, who sent the funds for my schooling in the Philippines. He was the one who brought me over to the US to surprise his mother (Grandma Beryl) for Mother’s Day on May 1968. God has been so good.

NOTE: Because of my love and gratitude to Jesus for being so wonderful to me, I started these 2 ministries (Adopt a Minister International and Help the Needy, Inc” some 23 years ago. When I asked God for help, He sent me JR Moore and Mary Grace (we were complete strangers) on March 2003. To God be the glory!

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”