“Encouraging Words Go Straight to the Heart” by Reva Lachica Moore

“Encouraging Words Go Straight to the Heart” by Reva Lachica Moore

There’s not a single person on earth who hasn’t experienced horrendous situations. Situations that may be just everyday happenings, yet unbearable for that person. Or, situations that are truly devastating. Most folks do not cope well during such situations. This happens even to the strongest of people; even those who have great trust in God.

Have you been in a situation where you unknowingly helped a person in a dire situation?

Two weeks ago while at a restaurant in West Virginia, I watched in amazement as 7-year-old Haleigh greeted everybody – from the waitresses to the cooks. And before we left, she told the waitress who served us, “You are the best one here! Thank you so much!” Such simple words, yet it meant a lot to the young woman. She hugged Haleigh and said, “You just made me feel so good. I have been so angry all day.” Haleigh’s simple words possibly healed a hurting heart.

Ephesians 4:29 says… “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”

We can help others in many ways, especially in ways that may heal a person’s hurt.

It is wonderful to have a great talent such as that of Mary Grace (the one-handed pianist). Everywhere she goes, she touches hearts, especially people in pits of despair.

Mary Grace and I went to visit a friend at the Baton Rouge General Hospital two months ago when we spotted a piano at the lobby. I suggested that she play a few pieces. Someone overheard our conversation and asked Mary Grace, “Do you play? Would you play a piece for me?” It was Kim, the person in charge of the Arts in Medicine Program at the hospital. Soon, Mary Grace was playing at the amazement of those who stopped to watch and listen.

As Mary Grace was playing “How Great Thou Art,” a woman passing by, stopped and watched. Soon, tears were flowing down the woman’s cheeks. After the piece, she went to Mary Grace and said, “You just don’t know how much I needed to see and hear this. It made me realize that I can cope with what I’m going through right now. Thank you so much.” She gave Mary Grace a hug. Upon seeing the woman’s reaction, I suddenly remembered my inconsolable grief of fifteen years ago. It was in the same hospital where my son Adam and I wailed and hugged each other on the morning my husband Edwin passed away. I also could have used words or acts of encouragement at that very time. (Mary Grace gave a concert at the hospital a month later and patients and workers were blessed with her music.)

Little acts of kindness and simple words of praise go a long way. Words and deeds of encouragements go straight to the heart.

When a person is at a crossroad, or going through something too difficult to bear and is about to give up, God cares so much for that person; He would send reinforcements.

I met a lay evangelist named Hutchinson and he told this story. Hutchinson was going door to door visiting people who would let him in. After seeing several people in one area, he was ready to go home. It was getting late and he was tired.

However, a still, small voice told him to visit just one more house. He felt the urgency of the bidding and decided to go to the next house. A man in his 40’s came out. He moved his head upwards, as if aggravated, and asked, “What?”
Hutchinson told the man that he would like to have prayer with him. The man, quite surprised, told Hutchinson to come in. Soon, the man told the lay evangelist that he was so troubled and was contemplating suicide that night because he owed so much money and did not know how to pay his debt.
After their talk and prayer, the man was convinced that God truly loves him and had sent Hutchinson. The man no longer wanted to end his life. Hutchinson made several more visits with the man and they became good friends. The man gave his heart to Jesus.

But what’s amazing about this story is…right after Hutchinson left, another man from a nearby church came by and knocked on the man’s door twenty minutes later. Hutchinson concluded that God knew the man’s troubles and had planned on sending reinforcements to encourage the man. God had a backup plan just in case the first person that God had impressed to go did not go.

Truly, our God is so interested in our lives and knows each time we go through very difficult, unbearable times. He sends people, even total strangers to keep us from hurting ourselves.

Jeremiah 29:11…“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”