“Coincidence or Providence” by Reva Lachica Moore

“Coincidence or Providence” by Reva Lachica Moore

What I wish to share this time may be thought of as coincidence by most. Although to others, it might be clear evidence of a Higher Power who wishes to get involved in our everyday lives. But you be the judge if the following are mere coincidences or Divine interventions.

At a very young age, I learned about a God Who truly loves me. My mother’s wonderful stories about Jesus brought hope and joy to my heart. And all I had to do is believe in Him. He gives me things that I ask for. Things within reason, of course. And so, I exercise my faith in God and I truly love Him.

I have many stories that I’d consider Divine interventions. I wish to share two happenings where I believe God cares so much for us, if we let Him. He cares not only about our big problems, but also in small ones. Even in the most minute of things, as small as a quarter (25 cents), and as big as a million $$$ dollars.

My “I need a quarter” story……

Many years ago, my husband Edwin and I had a display booth of our business at the Centroplex Coliseum in Baton Rouge. The place was packed with thousands of people from all over. It was 8:00 in the evening. Outside, a torrential storm had started. My son Cliff (16) had just gotten his driver’s license that week. He wanted to drive my car home despite the heavy downpour.

“Mom, I’m sure I’ll be OK,” Cliff insisted.

I was very concerned, for he wasn’t familiar with driving on the interstate. And, at night at that. I suggested that he should wait another hour ‘til closing time. Then we’d be able to drive behind him. But he couldn’t wait. With a nod from his Dad, I hesitantly gave in. I breathed a prayer for protection after Cliff and his brother, Adam (14) left. Then I started to watch the time.

“In thirty minutes, they should be home,” I said to myself. I wanted to call to make sure. There were no cell phones then. On the corner wall, I saw a pay phone. I needed a quarter but couldn’t find one in my purse. I wanted to ask my husband, but he was busy with customers.

“God, I’m very worried. Did my boys make it home?” I asked God in my mind. “God, I also need a quarter,” I added.

I stood there, anxious with my eyes fixed above the tall ceiling. I continued to pray. Almost half an hour later, I looked down and saw a most welcome sight. In between my feet was a shiny quarter!

“Thank you, God!” I made the call.

“Mama, we’re ok. We’re just getting in the door.” I was so happy to hear my son’s voice.

Maybe it just so happened that I was standing where someone had dropped a quarter earlier? I wish to think that it wasn’t coincidence, but God’s answer to a terrified and worried mother.

Another STORY….

“The Million Dollar Lawsuit”

“I wrecked my van today and it was my fault,” my husband Edwin announced one afternoon many years ago.

Edwin had just opened his business and was driving his work van. While making a left turn, he ran into an old Chevy. He continued his story: “The occupants of the other car came out. They seemed normal. Then they ran to a pay phone to call the cops. Soon after, both occupants came back to the scene. They lay down on the shoulder of the road. The cops came, and I got a ticket.”

A few months later, our insurance company contacted us. The couple involved in the accident had hired the best lawyer in town. We were being sued for a million dollars! Because we had just started the business, our insurance covered only one third of what they were asking for. We were told we’d be served the papers soon. I started to pray for we could lose everything, including our house. “God, please help us!” I begged God nonstop almost every day.

As I was doing laundry one afternoon, I pleaded with God again. I needed peace and I needed to get some type of assurance from Him. I had tears rolling down my face when I heard a soft, audible voice say: “Feed My lambs.” I knew then, Jesus had heard me. At that time, I was personally sponsoring several poor college students in the Philippines. (The “Feed my lambs” voice was also the basis of my volunteer work to start “Adopt a Minister International” and “Help the Needy, Inc.” six years later.) To God be the glory!

I was at work one night when Edwin called. “I have bad news! The deputy came and served us our papers. We are getting sued.” Then he paused. “But you know what’s strange? The information on the papers were typed wrong. The names and addresses are mixed up. The papers showed that the couple who filed the lawsuit live in our address. And we live in theirs.”

I held my breath while listening to the bad news and suddenly, I had peace. I remembered what I heard in the laundry room a few days back. “Feed My lambs.” Mixed-up paperwork? God, are you telling me everything will be OK? I tried to console myself.

“So, what is going to happen now?” I asked Edwin, my sudden fear had subsided a bit.

“I handed the papers back to the deputy. I showed him the mistakes. He left, quite upset and confused. He shook his head and said, ‘You are still being sued. I am coming back with the right papers.’”

“God, did you let the mix up happen? Is this how you are answering us? I asked Jesus in my mind.

For several months, we continued to pray, for the deputy could come back with the right papers anytime. A whole year passed. I was fearful to ask Edwin whatever happened to the lawsuit papers, but one day, I finally asked. Edwin said, “They could never get the paperwork straight. And since a whole year had lapsed, the lawsuit was thrown out of court.”

We gave prayers of thanks to the God of heaven who took care of our huge problem.

So, is it Coincidence or Providence? I’d say, “Definitely Providence.”

Matthew 21:22 “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”