Ask for the Holy Spirit – my “untied” shoelaces

“Ask for the Holy Spirit” by Reva Lachica Moore

(NOTE: I hope every Adopted Minister would read this and make your “asking for the Holy Spirit” foremost in your life.)

It was in 1991 when I felt the Holy Spirit come into my life – like REALLY come. I believe it happened after I sought Jesus with all my heart wanting His affirmation that He had understood me. When the Holy Spirit came, I felt this fire burning deep within me that produced an energy I had never felt before. I always had a relationship with Jesus, but not like this one I have now!

It all started when I said a casual remark that was misunderstood by someone. I did not even know that person. I should have not cared, but it’s important to me that people think nicely of me. My late husband, Edwin Wallace, tried to console me but it did not work. So, I cried (with tears and much emotions) to Jesus every day for a whole month, for only He knew my heart. I did not mean to upset that person.

One day a month later, I was still crying to Jesus when a friend invited me to an evangelistic meeting in her church. I went. After the meeting was over and people had started to leave, I felt a very strong “yearning” to go see the lady evangelist who was still in the pulpit. I felt that if I went home without talking to her, I would miss out on something big. So, I walked to the pulpit. My friend who invited me did not understand why I was up there. I introduced myself to the evangelist. She shook my hand and then placed her hand on my shoulders and started saying these word (pausing between phrases as if repeating someone’s words): “I have heard your cries. I have seen your tears. I have felt your pain. Take My hand in your hand. I will make everything right.” Upon hearing these words, I cried, for right there, I realized Jesus knew of my pain.

After that amazing happening, I went down the pulpit – a very happy person. I don’t remember going down the steps. I felt as if I was floating. I drove back home so happy. My husband Edwin knew something unusual had happened to me. The next morning, I woke up and felt something so amazing inside my chest – a very strong desire to share Jesus to everyone. And I needed to do it right away. I called my pastor having no idea what I was going to say to him. I said, “Good morning, Pastor. I will see you in church on Sabbath morning.”

When Sabbath morning came, I was still on cloud 9. What had happened to me, I couldn’t explain, except I had so much joy – unspeakable joy that I had never experienced before. As I stood at the church lobby before time for Divine Service, I felt this desire to give the sermon that day. I have never given a sermon before, but the feeling was so strong. But I didn’t want to ask the pastor if I could give the sermon. So, I told Jesus in my mind, “However You want to do this, is all right with me.”

I was so amazed when the pastor came to me 5 minutes before 11:00 a.m, and said, “Reva, I have laryngitis. I want you to give the sermon today.” I was in awe. I didn’t even have to tell the pastor. The Holy Spirit told him.

I went to the pulpit, the other two people going up there with me looked at each other kind of surprised. Then I started speaking. I told of my life’s experiences and the goodness and the love of our Savior. Words were just coming out of my mouth. At one point, I was speaking but also looking at myself talking, thinking – ”this is so unreal.” I am talking up here and people are listening. Nobody was sleeping, like I’ve seen often during a sermon.

This was the start of a very amazing life for me. I was so filled with the Holy Spirit; I was so focused only on Jesus and nothing mattered. I was so full of joy, contentment and peace.

My “untied” shoelaces…

When the Holy Spirit first came to me, I was working in a chemical lab and there was a time period when the operators who brought my work samples would say, “Reva, your shoelaces are untied.” (We had to wear a certain type of safety shoes that had shoelaces when I worked in the lab.)

I was so excited to tell everyone about Jesus. And after I was reminded about my untied shoelaces by several people, I didn’t think anything about them because I walked around the lab. I know my shoelaces would become untied.

But why are both shoelaces untied and pulled forward, which seemed strange. All I knew was, I couldn’t pay attention to my shoelaces because I was so excited to talk about Jesus to everyone who came to the lab. It did not matter who came – from the cleaning lady to the top engineer – they heard about Jesus.

Well, back to my “untied” shoelaces….

After I was told and reminded about my untied shoelaces several times, I wondered if maybe Jesus liked that I talk about Him, and He is letting me know by pulling my shoelaces. I wanted to know, so I tightened up my shoelaces and decided to watch them. They did not get untied when I watched or was conscious of them.

But one night at work, I made sure my shoelaces were tied tightly. I was on the phone and got so excited again talking about Jesus. I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t contain my excitement in Him. I forgot about my shoelaces. But lo and behold, after I hung up the phone and stood up, I saw my shoelaces were untied again and pulled forward. I knew then they were not getting untied because I was walking around. Somebody was pulling those shoelaces when I was not looking because I was so excited talking about Jesus. And as if it was Jesus’ way of telling me that He was very happy with me.

Today, I feel His Holy Presence in my life always and Jesus is “automatic” in my thoughts. Whatever I am doing or wherever I am, there is this constant communion with Jesus in my mind.

Let us truly ask for the Holy Spirit to be in us always. This is what Jesus said. The Holy Spirit is the best gift that we can ask for from Jesus every day.
However, you will not feel the Holy Spirit inside you if you just ask casually. Cry out to Jesus and really mean it. And if you wish to feel the Holy Spirit burning inside you, you will have to cry out to Jesus and really mean it. I cried with tears and emotions for a whole month for Jesus as if He’s the only One I needed in my whole life. And then the Holy Spirit came. I still ask daily for the Holy Spirit to come to our home, to each of us, but I can honestly say, my mind is on HIM every second of the day (or night when I’m awake). I had begged Jesus to be “automatic” in my mind. My endearing words of praise, gratitude and “I love You so much, Lord” are said to Him countless times a day.

Luke 11:13 “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him?”