“A Prayer and the Car Thieves” by Reva Lachica Moore

“A Prayer and the Car Thieves” by Reva Lachica Moore

We get a Nextdoor Jefferson Park newsletter every day and we seem to only see 2 things there: Lost or found Cat/Dog or Car thieves. So, I decided to share this story that happened 7 years ago:

We were away from home when I called Kaitlyn on a Sabbath afternoon. After our usual talk, our conversation went like this:
“Let me pray with you,” I said,
“Why? Is a storm coming?” she asked. I had called her a few times when a threatening storm is looming. Also, another hurricane had just hit part of Louisiana and Kaitlyn knew about it.
“No, there’s no storm coming but let me pray with you before I go.”

I started praying for safety and protection, asking Jesus to send millions of holy angels and the Holy Spirit to be at Kaitlyn’s house, inside and outside to protect everything. I asked for protection for their cars outside the house, and also prayed for my other son and his family and our houses in Denham Springs and in Baton Rouge. I asked for protection for each one. In the middle of my prayer, I heard this: “Dada.” I paused for a minute and said, “Hey, I am still praying…so I continued my prayer. When I said, “Amen,” I heard a man’s voice say, “Amen.” Cliff must have walked into the room and heard me praying. I later heard that he joined the prayer.

My sons know that I always pray every day for safety and protection of everyone. I mention each one’s names. I pray for our houses, cars, jobs, etc.

Three days later on a Monday morning, my son called.
“Last Saturday night, two men tried to break into our cars. Actually, one of them was able to open my car. I forgot to lock my car door after I picked up Grace. But all I had there were papers and my Ray Ban. The security video recorded only 30 seconds, so I cannot see their faces,” he said while I listened. “It was around 1 A.M. and Buddy (chihuahua) was barking and I thought maybe the dog was fighting with a possum, so I put on my ear plugs and went to sleep.”
“Good thing you did not try to go outside. The burglars could have hurt you!” I said.
“I know. Remember last year? There were 14 houses that were broken into in the next subdivision and one of the homeowners went outside and got shot (killed)!”
“Good thing I prayed with Kaitlyn that afternoon and God protected you all. So, did the thieves get anything?”
“No. They left the car door open and my papers were on the ground. They did not get even my sunglasses!”

Psalms 34: 7 “The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and delivers them.”