1,247 Baptisms. Praise God!

1,247 Baptisms. To God be the glory!

Thank God, the pandemic had eased up and our adopted ministers are able to do more evangelistic work again. Here are the baptism reports for April 2022 – combined effort of adopted ministers, brethren, and mission workers.

SMM = 247, CMM = 152, DM/NDM = 189, CVC = 19, NEMM = 242, NCMC = 25, CLC/CM = 22, RAM = 42, John Bayani = 62 (Isabela), NOC = 161, Joebert Arroz group = 49 (Negros), Encarnacion Lener = 37 = 1,247 baptisms


A Protestant Church converted to Adventism.
(By Lener Encarnacion (adopted minister)

Two weeks ago, we finished conducting a Gospel presentation to our Manobo brothers in the mountains of Lebak Sultan Kudarat.
Providentially, they permitted us to preach inside their own church. After one week, all church members of Manobo Southern Baptist decided to be baptized.. Praise God and to God be the glory…


Negros Occidental Conference Bible Workers

Thirteen in this group are adopted ministers who were recently taken in by Negros Occidental Conference. Some of them had been under Adopt a Minister International for as long as 18 years before their mission employment. Several of them were also sponsored by AMI to theology college. They are so grateful to the sponsors of AMI. To God be the glory!

We are so grateful to the sponsors of Adopt a Minister International for your faithful support through the years. This is the 22nd year of Adopt a Minister and praying that we’d be able to continue our volunteer work for Jesus until He comes. Over 500 “former” adopted ministers are now employed and many are mission officers today.

We no longer have many sponsors so our fund is very low. Last month, I was not able to send stipends to the majority of adopted ministers who have no sponsors. Of the 350 adopted ministers, only 30 have permanent sponsors, so we depend on extra donations for the others. May God bless you so you could extend help to our adopted ministers.

If you wish to send help, you may send through the AMI website:

OR, you may send your donation to:
Adopt a Minister International
18027 Glen Park Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70817

Every dollar donation that we receive goes to the stipends of the adopted ministers. We have NO overhead expenses. We will send you a tax-deductible receipt.

God bless you,
Reva, JR and Mary Grace