Baptisms in August 2021

Philippine Baptisms for August 2021

This is the lowest number of baptisms that I have received in the 21 years of Adopt a Minister. Before the pandemic, the yearly baptisms in the Philippines totaled to over 50,000. The baptisms are a combined effort of adopted ministers, employed ministers and the local brethren.

Here I wish to share what 2 adopted ministers said in their report:

“Here at NCMC, because of the surge of covid infections and deaths, the local government office implemented strict rules of NO social gathering and NO church gathering for several weeks now. But still, God’s calling is more powerful than the Covid’s threat. We praise God for giving us the opportunity to share His love and plans for us all. God bless us all ADOPT A MINISTER community and our sponsors.” ~Joey Gallo (adopted minister)

“CVC-AaMI: 18 precious souls found new family and hope in this hopeless world.” ~Arman Andrade (adopted minister)

The local missions’ baptisms:
NCMC=13, WMC=110, ZPM=25, SMM=89, CVC=18, NEMM=167, CLC=8, NOC=30, RAM=30, Bohol=7, EVC=9, DM=89, Joel Fillartos=39, Romer Apilit=15. Total 671

Thank you for your prayers and continued support of God’s workers – the adopted ministers. So many are still waiting to hear about Jesus and the “good news” of Salvation.

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Thanks so much and God bless,
Reva, JR & Mary Grace