Adopt a Minister International 1,050 Baptisms for July 2019

Adopt a Minister International
1,050 Baptisms for July 2019

Note: It has been a very tough and challenging year for us here at home. There had been 5 deaths in JR’s family in less than a year. JR and I had driven to Ohio 5 times already (20-hour drive one way) in 6 months-time because we were named “executor” and “trustee” respectively of JR’s late brother’s WILL. The brother has an autistic son and we are helping so he could be cared for.
And, our fourth grandbaby (Baby Logan) was born deaf and had 3 hernias.

Two weeks before that, a niece came down with a brain tumor (survival rate of less than one percent).

Besides, the very devastating time that we went through – losing our home and everything in the Louisiana flood in 2016 is still very fresh in our minds.

But we have good news:

All of these difficult times kept us crying to God and He did not forsake. We finally had our flooded house fixed through a SBA loan. We are not going back to live in there though. We now live in my oldest son’s first house. We have converted the game room into our AMI office. We’re renting out our Denham Spring’s house.

Baby Logan, 9 months old, can hear now and his hernias were fixed when he was 2 months old. He is a very healthy, active baby. I thank God!
Jada, the 7-year-old niece with brain tumor, responded to the new treatment at St. Jude’s Children Hospital. And she is a healthy, normal, little girl today. Praise the Lord!

And we are almost done with the “WILL” of JR’s late brother. We have one more drive to Ohio next week.

And about the funds for monthly stipends…

God continues to send faithfully through a few who gives extra and so I am able to send stipends, though lately, I send 2 to 3 weeks late. I can send only $60 to most of our 300+ adopted theology graduates because our funds are low. We are praying for God to send new sponsors and we know that He will. He has taken care of AMI for 19 years now.
Only He gets the honor and glory!

But our monthly baptisms are steady. Most of our adopted ministers’ main work is to nurture the new believers and give Bible studies. Dozens of others give crusades in many places.

We are surely looking forward to His soon return. I know you all are, too.

The following local missions sent their baptism reports and pictures for June. Praise God for the hard work and dedication of the adopted ministers who are sharing the “good news” of Salvation. Many are accepting Jesus.
Thank you for your prayers and continued support of God’s workers. Your help allows them to provide for their families as they share the “good news.”
Praying for Heaven’s blessings to be poured out to you each day and may you support God’s ministry until He comes back to take us home! What a glorious day that will be!

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Thanks so much and God bless,
Reva, JR, Mary Grace