Another Mass Baptism in Southern Mindanao Mission

First day, 920 souls were baptized. Second day, 114 souls were baptized. Total 1,034 precious souls Another mass baptism was held in Southern Mindanao Mission (SMM) two months after the “thousand baptism” on July 7, 2007.Bomb locations for Ministers The Walla Walla University Evangelistic Team is now back in USA but had left behind many … Read moreAnother Mass Baptism in Southern Mindanao Mission


Jezreel “Reva, come and see this boy!” my husband, J.R., said with much concern in his voice. I turned around and saw a group of young people outside the church (in Mindanao, Philippines) but did not know which one J.R. was talking about. “Which boy? What about him?” “Right there. The one standing on the … Read moreJezreel